Siris pursues the ultimate AITO to realize both the future and the present

2022-05-11 0 By

Rethinking intelligence in the age of intelligence, grasping the essence of the electric boom, Cyrus has done this, which is the key to AITO’s entry into the first tier in the next five years.AITO follows the logic of “future and present equal importance” — at present, AITO brand based on pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I) to build the first model — Ask world M5, has officially opened the pre-sale and test drive, so how does it perform?In today’s technology driven progress, technology is the core ability, Siris adhere to r & D driven, to create the ultimate products.AITO M5 is based on pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I). The platform has comprehensive evolution in integrated intelligent generator set, gold drive combination, battery PACK, intelligent control and other aspects, and has the characteristics of “high performance, low energy consumption, quiet, safe and intelligent”.Pure electric drive range extension platform (DE-I) uses the world’s first-class gold electric drive combination, for AITO to ask the world M5 to bring super performance of 4 seconds 100 km acceleration, super explosive force brings a strong sense of pushing back.In addition to high performance, long battery life is another unique advantage that this platform gives AITO the M5.The integrated intelligent generator set will achieve the ultimate energy conversion, which can achieve 3.2 KWH electricity per liter of oil, 20% higher than the industry.Therefore, the new car WLTC operating range of more than 1100 km, truly achieve mileage without worry.AITO asked that the M5’s performance in low power consumption and high battery life is commendable, but that does not mean it needs to “bow” to performance.In the competition with other forms of power products, AITO ask the world M5 more or less seems to be some “do not speak wude”, its front axle is equipped with asynchronous AC motor, rear axle is equipped with permanent magnet synchronous motor, consisting of a double motor four-wheel drive scheme total power up to 365kW, the flagship model 100 km acceleration 4.4 seconds, 0-50km/h acceleration is even lower to an amazing 1.9 seconds;Four-wheel drive performance version of the total power of 315kW, 100 km acceleration 4.8 seconds;Rear-drive standard 100 km acceleration 7.1 seconds.In addition, AITO M5 adopts all-aluminum alloy chassis, which can bring the vehicle lightweight effect compared with the traditional steel chassis, at the same time, the stiffness and strength are greater, and the control performance is more robust and safe.And, the suspension material is quite generous, the design of the front double fork arm, after the trapezoidal multi-link independent suspension comes from the supercar, and the use of large area of aluminum alloy material for the vehicle lightweight and driving control of the promotion is quite obvious.