Sad quotes about life not being good

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Bottomless pandering is like standing in the fog and not seeing yourself.1. We fantasize about who is our salvation, only to fall into the abyss and lick our wounds like beasts.The world is wonderful, every day has different sad.3. Always think a lot of things in the wee hours of the morning, and forget all about them in the morning.4 sometimes also quite admire, oneself can swallow a mouthful of words and sad, just say a um.It has been three years in a row from the end of winter to the beginning of summer, and it is already spring. I hope I won’t lose sleep this year. I hope everything will be ok and everything will go well.The beginning of a story is always very gentle, the process is also very good, but the outcome is not satisfactory, so it is called a story.8. It’s never an impulse, it’s just the result of repeated thinking, even if the result is not satisfactory.9. There is nothing wrong with suffering in one’s life. The process of growing up is complicated and full of fun.There are too many unsatisfactory life, can not maintain a perfect, also can not give the origin of a reasonable explanation, since they can not do, it is necessary to give life a shallow interpretation, but also a mind indifferent.10. Everyone is expecting a rally this week, so I’m afraid the expected rally will be disappointing…11. Especially if the results are not satisfactory, there is no shame.The shame is that you don’t even try hard enough, and you end up paying for your indulgence and laziness and wishing you didn’t work harder.”Even if the life is not satisfactory, I hope to move forward with happiness every day.Maybe it is a pity that our results may not be satisfactory, but I still do not regret, at least we have tried, have sincerely loved.May all be well, Jack shall have Jill. If not, may each be well and do not disturb each other.On the first day of March, I was in a good mood to greet my new day, but the result was not always satisfactory.16. I blow through the night wind you blow, then we are not hug!Always want to solve something, but afraid that the result is not good 17. At a confused age, nothing is satisfactory 18.It’s an irony of life that so many people live a life they hate the most.19. Learned right and wrong for more than 20 years, but found that reality is only about winning and losing.20. Many people regard bad manners as someone who can’t afford to play, and finally say that they are true temperament.21 nothing will be forever, nothing will be for a long time, to find an excuse, anyone can go first.22 do not be sad because of a person, perhaps you think of the person, you have forgotten all, in the end or your own a person suffered.I know something doesn’t belong to me, but I don’t want to give it up.Grind teeth insist, because I know you are not easy to meet, miss will be a pity.Nostalgic people are always easy to get hurt, like to take the rest of your life and so on.25. How does it feel to give up on someone you like?It’s like burning down the house you’ve lived in for so long, and you look at the wreckage and the dust and despair.You know it’s your house, but you can’t go back.People’s eyes are black, the heart is red.But sometimes when the eyes are red, the heart is black.Don’t wait for those who can’t afford it. Your love can’t touch someone who doesn’t love you.It is not the other’s unfeeling that hurts you, but the persistence of your fantasies.28 cherish the people who are good to you, don’t wait for the broken heart with apologies, lost, where can not find back.I left, and I can’t get to the Internet.Don’t wait for someone to die to know what’s good about them. That embarrassing word is “it’s too late”.29. You promise everything and give nothing;I promised you nothing, but I gave you everything.30 the so-called loneliness, is that some people have nothing to say, there is no one to say.31. Your favorite song is always bad, your favorite food is always not available, your favorite clothes are often inappropriate, and your favorite person is never met again.32. The hardest lesson of growing up is being shot by the person you never defended.33. There is only good gathering, which has a good spread.Finally, love has become unwilling, love has become sad, miss has become upset, the initiative has become bitchy.34. If one day, you can’t find me, don’t be sad, not I don’t love you, nor you miss me, but I finally have the courage to leave, but please remember, before this, I really have silly wait.35 not return of the pay, to know how to stop, otherwise, disturb others, hurt yourself.