Officer xuan!Mr. 47 million officially joined, made a big commitment, the debut exposure

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At the trade deadline, the 76ers made a blockbuster trade for Simmons and Harden.On February 16, the official website of the Sixers announced: Harden and Millsap two new members officially joined the team.Speaking to reporters at a news conference, Harden officially committed to exercising his player option for next season, which means harden will remain with the Sixers for at least two seasons with Embiid and a $47.4 million Max contract for next season.Before the 76ers officially announced Harden’s arrival, there were reports in the US that harden would not play in this year’s All-Star game as he recovers from a hamstring injury.Harden is expected to make his 76ers debut after the All-Star break.According to the schedule, the Sixers will face the western Conference team Minnesota after the All-Star break.I think the 76ers took pains to make harden’s debut. The Timberwolves have been the west’s soft touch in recent seasons, and beating them with the sixers’ current strength should be a shoo-in.The Sixers are unlikely to give Harden a lot of playing time given that he’s still recovering from his injury, but for now, his priority is to get back on his feet and develop chemistry as quickly as possible for the playoffs.It’s worth noting that Harden will likely face longtime Rockets teammate Beverly, who just completed a one-year, $13 million contract extension with the Timberwolves, in his prime.The defensive guard goes all out to bite, and Beverley knows harden’s technical traits well enough to be able to target him.The timberwolves’ inner core, Towns and Embiid, is also worth looking forward to, along with rookie Edwards, who has improved significantly in recent seasons.In today’s NBA regular-season game, the 76ers lost by a whopping 48 points to the green-shirted Celtics.The 76ers were off their game, shooting a season-low 28.8 percent from the field.It was a special way for the 76ers to welcome Harden.Celtics star Tatum scored 28+12+6 as the celtics continued their winning streak and moved into sixth place in the Eastern Conference.On current form and momentum, the green shirts look like the Sixers’ biggest rivals in the Eastern Conference.Other potential rivals include the defending NBA champion Bucks and Harden’s old team, the Nets.Although Harden spoke openly to the sixers’ front office during a press conference, if harden and Embiid don’t hit the right chemistry this season, a championship loss could affect Harden’s contract extension for next season.The Rockets and Nets are examples, but the blockbuster trade for harden and the 76ers is a big gamble for both sides.