How does the subject result in the country take an examination fill

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In the national examination, our subject results fill in the method is: write the results of the main subject of our major, as far as possible to pick the score is higher to write, can write 5-10 are no problem.That’s how you fill in the subject grades.What we need to know is that the subject score in the national examination does not mean that we fill in every subject score.It is to ask us to fill the result of main course commonly, the result of other elective course need not fill.In addition, for those who have make-up, retake and other records of the students, when filling in the results is to fill in the make-up, retake after the results, do not fill in the previous results, this is a point we need to pay attention to.Of course, if the examinee does not know the specific result, you can ask the instructor, or log on the website of the individual school to inquire, these methods are able to know the specific result of the individual subject, not complicated.So what is the specific role of the subject score filling in the national examination?What we need to know is that in the national examination, subject scores can help those employers to judge whether we meet the requirements for examination through some professional subjects, so we had better choose subject scores that can be queried.What is the National examination?The so-called national examination, in fact, is the national civil servant examination, and the time of the examination is relatively fixed, generally speaking, the time of the annual examination is concentrated in October and November each year.Therefore, if you plan to take an examination of civil servants friends, you can always pay attention to the news of the official website.