Fu Yan, a member of the Dream ski medical security team for the Chinese Winter Olympics, shows the grace of Chinese ski doctors to the world

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In Addition to the athletes, there is another group worth watching at the Beijing Winter Olympics.That is active in Yanqing, Zhangjiakou area ski doctor.Whenever there are injuries on the snow, these doctors in light blue coats are always there to treat the athletes.So, what’s the story behind these ski doctors?Fu Yan, a member of China’s dream ski team for the Winter Olympics, shares her story with Chinese and foreign journalists via video at a regular press briefing held at the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympics on February 18.”I became acquainted with ski doctors in 2018.”Fu Yan told reporters that at that time, working in the China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, she learned that China would set up a skiing medical security team, did not hesitate to sign up.”In my heart, the duty of a doctor is to cure and save people. It is my dream to apply my knowledge and skills to cure and save people wholeheartedly, and ski doctor is just such a job.More importantly, the Winter Olympics is a high-standard international event. Although we cannot win glory for our country by standing on the podium like Olympic athletes, we are very proud and honored to show the elegant demeanor of Chinese doctors in another way.”FuYan said.After the registration, with her rich medical experience, Fu Yan entered the make-up test group as a student with three straight A’s in skiing, English and professional knowledge.Later, after multiple screening, she received the admission notice from the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympics, and became the first generation of ski doctors in China.”In fact, the night I got the call, my wife asked me, ‘Skiing is a dangerous sport. Are you really up to it?I answered firmly, yes!With this Olympic feeling, I set foot on the journey of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”FuYan said.To Fu yan’s surprise, even with years of medical experience, she felt a little out of her depth when she first started skiing.”In the past, I thought it was easy for a ski doctor to just wait at the rescue station for the injured to arrive.”Fu said it was only after a few days of training that she realized that ski doctors need not only professional skiing skills, but also the ability to carry out rescues in extreme conditions.”The most important thing our coach stressed to us in training was to be fast.After all, when a ski doctor is called out, it means a life-threatening situation has happened to an athlete, and we must make quick, accurate judgments and treat the injured with precision.”Specifically, fu yan said, ski doctors need to reach the injured in four minutes, then treat the injured and remove them from the course in 15 minutes, and then transfer the injured to the nearest medical facility in 20 minutes so that the injured can receive systematic treatment.Since the race against time, ski doctors need to have strong skills.So, how do ski doctors achieve a short period of time to treat the injured?”It takes practice.”For example, Fu yan said she could intubate the trachea quickly and accurately in a hospital, but it would be much more difficult if she switched to a ski track.”When we intubate in the snow, we have to take off our gloves and do it on our knees, stomach and even side.As the temperature in the snow is usually 10-15 degrees below zero, it doesn’t take long for your hands to freeze.”Fu yan said she tried several times on the dummy to practice her technique.Start with 30 seconds, then 20, then 15, then 10.Now, she can even intubate in seconds.”Because I know that every second I gain, there is a second more hope for the athletes.”Let more people feel the unique charm of ice and snow sports to let everyone feel the speed of ski doctor more directly, Fu Yan cited a recent example.”A few days ago, in the men’s giant slalom alpine skiing competition held in Yanqing area, one of the skiers suddenly fell in the process of skiing, we need to treat.”Fu yan said she and her colleagues reached the injured at 11:46 p.m. after receiving the news at 11:45 p.m.After that, Fu Yan and her colleagues spent 10 minutes on simple treatment of the injured and transferred out of the track.At 12 o ‘clock, the injured were lifted onto the helicopter, and at 12:08, they were transferred to the hospital in Yanqing for further treatment.Thanks to her excellent skills, Fu Yan and her colleagues successfully completed medical tasks during the Beijing Winter Olympics, showing the world the style of China’s first generation of ski doctors.”After the Beijing Winter Olympics, I will not only continue to practice my skills, but also actively promote alpine skiing and other ice and snow sports to my friends, so that more people can participate in them and feel the unique charm of ice and snow sports.”FuYan said.