“Double reduction”, why parents or difficult to block the enthusiasm of “make up lessons”?The professor gives the reason behind it

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Guide language: some parents like to spend a lot of money to make up lessons for children, although make up lessons is not necessarily effective, but parents or blind to make up lessons.Even if the double cut policy comes out, parents still do not believe it and do not listen to it. Why is this?Parents should look at the double reduction policy objectively and correctly. Only by accepting this policy can they be responsible for their children and be more beneficial to their children’s growth.One, although ShuangJian policy came out, but a lot of parents is very stubborn, still insisted that allow children to make up a missed lesson, professor cheng said the reasons behind the 1, many parents don’t accept ShuangJian policy, still want their children to make up a missed lesson children in addition to do the homework after class is over, now almost no other time can go to a play, there is no way to do it, combining exertion and restAnd parents do not realize the children’s hard work, do not give children relax time, only know to force children to learn, let the children to learn a variety of content.Some children are in a variety of make-up lessons become gradually tired of learning, become a distorted personality and parents, made a great conflict.Later, the double reduction policy came out, but parents still did not accept this policy, and did not seriously consider their own teaching methods, whether it is correct or not.Or choose to let the child crazy make-up lessons, or choose to give a lot of money to let the child learn, but can not get good results.Parents really need to think about what a good teaching method should be, how a right parent to educate children?Professor Zheng says there’s a real reason parents like to make their children take extra classes. The professor from Zhejiang Province was prescient in explaining why parents like to take extra classes so much.Professor Zheng said that parents see other children around are taking extra lessons, in order to make their children not backward can progress, parents have to follow their children to take extra lessons, although it costs a lot of money, but parents still feel comfortable spending money.This is the fundamental reason why parents like to make up for classes, Professor Zheng’s words are very reasonable, and indeed objectively reflect a psychological state of today’s parents.The professor also said that parents should not blindly send their children to make up for classes, because children need rest, if there is not enough rest time, there is no time to play.Then the child will become a mechanical person, become an uncreative person.Second, make up a missed lesson parents blindly, really need to listen to professor cheng, don’t let the child go blind make up a missed lesson 1, if parents know only put pressure on children, but not let the child to relax, so parents are too stupid that a professor zheng) is how seriously, children and parents is a kind of warning.Let the parents do not blindly make up lessons for their children, let the parents understand that if the parents only know to force their children to study, but do not let the children have enough time to rest, the children will collapse.If parents are really for the sake of their children, they can try to make their children study efficiently, listen carefully in class and listen attentively in class.If you pay attention to the teacher, it will be easy to do exercises after class.When there is a problem that you do not understand, you should solve it immediately, and find a teacher to solve these problems and do not understand the problem in time. If you cannot find a teacher, you can also ask the students with excellent grades in the class.Instead of piling up these questions and going to make up lessons in the future, I will find teachers in other institutions to make up lessons.It is believed that when children master good learning methods, they will no longer feel that remedial lessons are so important.2, children learning to be happy, happy growth is the most important thing we also understand that learning is also sometimes need some of the children of talent and gene, talent is not enough genetic is not so good, so there will be difficult to learn, this is a must to admit the objective facts, does not necessarily mean every child is long.This is not to say that the acquired effort is not important, but to say that some children are not up to a certain level of talent, so no matter how hard they try, they are unlikely to be admitted to Tsinghua University or Peking University.If the parents have no way to admit this, blindly let the children to make up for the lessons, it is really useless.Let the children live happily, grow up happily, study happily is the most important, if the children try their best but still can not be admitted to a famous university, then parents should also learn to understand.Rather than blindly feel that as long as they make up the lessons will be able to be admitted to famous schools, you will be able to become an excellent person.Conclusion: many parents are very like to make up the lessons, feel that the money will be comfortable in the heart, feel that it is worth the money to children, but blindly make up the lessons is useless.After the double reduction, parents still blindly go to make up the lessons, which is very stupid.Parents should listen carefully to what Professor Zheng has to say to understand whether it makes sense.Parents should provide their children with a good learning environment and growth environment. They should not force their children to make up lessons and should not make their children grow up too soon.