Cristiano Ronaldo has released pictures of his mini-ronaldo playing football, calling him a star of the future.The fans want him to win the treble for Manchester United

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Manchester United superstar Cristiano Ronaldo, who is on holiday in Dubai, posted a picture of his eldest son Ronaldinheil playing football on Sunday afternoon.Two photos posted by Ronaldo on his Instagram account show the father and son playing football together on the training ground, with ronaldo shirtless and Ronaldo wearing a black Manchester United training shirt.Under the photo, Ronaldo also predicted that his son will be a star of the future, “now and in the future.””Wrote the Portuguese superstar.Ronaldinho, who has joined united’s youth system since cristiano Ronaldo’s return to the club, is approaching his 12th birthday.During his recent holiday in Dubai, ronaldo donned a Red Devils shirt, both for meetings with local celebrities and during individual training sessions.As a result, Manchester United fans are looking forward to his future development, with many expecting him to win the treble in 2030.Ronaldo faces a number of challenges in 2022, not only guiding United into the top four of the Premier League and a Champions League place, but also Portugal’s bid to qualify for the World Cup in Qatar at the end of the year.Manchester United team-mate Fred has revealed cristiano Ronaldo was disappointed not to win his World Cup berth outright.Portugal will face two do-or-die European play-off matches in March, with Italy only advancing to the first team.”We had a chat about it and of course he was a bit disappointed not to go straight into the World Cup.Fred told the European sports “(Eurosport),” but as a great player and the captain of the national team, he know how to let his teammates ready to fight for promotion. It is obvious that he was very disappointed, but he will try to win the World Cup. As everyone knows, every time he wanted to win every game. So he will certainly strive to compete.”Another Brazilian, former Manchester United midfielder Christian Klebson, believes the Reds may have made a mistake in signing the 36-year-old last year.Appearing at old Trafford at the same time as the young Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese talent finally succeeded and Kreberson became a foreign product.”To be honest, Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo experiment has been a bit of a failure so far, especially at his level and the impact he has had on the team recently. His contribution to the club has not been as spectacular as it might have been. Manchester United have not been playing so well since he came back.””It is a difficult time for cristiano to come back to Manchester United,” said Clebson. “They have a successful history together. The style of play is different and the atmosphere is different when he comes back.Klebson also believes united will have to make tough decisions again this summer.”They have a very good squad, a lot of quality players,” he added. “These are technically good players, but something has gone wrong and the team needs to be replaced.There are a lot of young players at Manchester United but they need to think more about who is leading the team, who is motivating them, who is organising the team and moving it in the right direction. If you look at the players at the club, they are much better if they can agree, they need to be more fluid.”But if Cristiano leaves united early, ronaldinho will certainly say goodbye and his future will not be with the Red Devils.