Chenzhou man went through security check with 3 jin of liquor in bulk and drank it directly

2022-05-11 0 By

Recently, Chenzhou, Hunan province, there happened a speechless thing.On the same day, a man entered the railway station, in the security check, was stopped by the staff, the original man with 3 kilograms of bulk liquor, the man felt liquor can not be thrown away, so out of the security check.Not long after, the man concealed liquor in cotton-padded clothes and re-entered the security checkpoint, only to be found out again and blocked by security personnel.Unwilling to waste the wine, the man opened a bottle of wine on the spot.The man walked out of the station after being dissuaded from drinking alcohol inside the station.After a while, the man pulled into the station for the third time. As a result, due to excessive drinking, he lay directly in the elevator and began to talk gibberish. The police took the man to the duty room and dialed 120 in time.Eventually, the man was treated by the hospital, sobered up after no serious problem…After watching this video, I can hardly laugh or cry.Do not know how the man so cherish this scattered liquor, drink belly than throw away better?That’s three catties of wine. Who can stomach it?The man didn’t decide whether to throw away the wine or drink it before he started drinking.Finally, because loathe to give up, so put in the belly, as expected, suddenly fell to the ground not sober!This is someone to help carry into the duty room and reported 120, otherwise, do not know what kind of danger the man will face!Although wine may be more precious, but must not cherish wine as life ah!