Ancient text: pour city infante Lord just and leave be beg to marry, the man is chang sheng general, common people: marry to him!

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.Many people feel empty after reading a novel and don’t know what to read next.Have a small make up no longer afraid of no books to read, it’s all sorts of beautiful novel, small make up for all mining as I push super love net novel, thinking for a long time decided to share to you feel good after reading her novel, hee hee, if feel good, I hope you appearance, handsome and natural and unrestrained, truly the little brother little sister for the article point small make up a praise with a focus on yo,Thank you for your support and encouragement!Today xiaobian to everyone recommended: ancient text: Qingcheng county just and from be asked to marry, the man is always victorious general, people: marry him!# Refuse book waste # 1: “after leaving with” author: Mu Mu introduction: ancient text: The infune of qing City just and leave to be asked to marry, the man is always victorious general, common people: marry him!Tang Jiao jiao serves as state official mansion lineal young lady, it is small city infante, grow up below empress dowager knee, want wind wind to want rain to get rain, only disobedience is marry wu Qian dust of nobody.One day, the queen mother died, and jun and leave, she became a lonely orphan.Little do they know, stepping out of the palace that moment, is the beginning of everything!Chang Sheng was asked to marry the general, the people exulted.Into the pit guide: on the way back, gu Madam heart perill, Tang Jiao jiao intelligent, certainly aware of what.Gu Madam afraid of Tang master drunk gibberish, the pile old secret reveal, they will casually tang Jiao Jiao away.When they got home, Madame Gu had just stepped through the door when she asked, “Where is the lady?””The lady is waiting in the lady’s room.”Gu Madam then went straight back, an open the door, just hit tang Jiao jiao to explore the vision.”Why don’t you go home and rest?Mrs. Gu spoke lightly.Tang Jiajiao got up and helped Lady Gu to sit down, with the tone of gossip asked: “I think my aunt has what to hide from me.”Gu madam big square of point nod, “just my generation, a few people between the enmity dispute just, say to fear let you laugh.””Is my mother among them?”Mrs. Gu had to nod again, “The past just, let those things follow me to the ground together.”Gu Madam words have so far, Tang Jiao Jiao is not good to ask, and casually said a few words will go back.Gu Madam relieved, according to tang Jiao jiao’s temper, this matter even if the past, in the future have similar things, she will not suspect to his body.Tang Jiao jiao looks outstanding, in the crowd, but also shine, the focus of the crowd.The graceful lady hao Hao hao, I don’t know when, more and more young people passed by the door of zhu zhai, even daring to linger at the door, beg zhu zhai servants to see Tang Jiao jiao, but lady Gu refused.Madame Gu also ordered the gate to be locked except for necessary entry and exit.This day school put half a day off, Zhu Yourong will take advantage of this home to pick up some clothes.When we reached the lane, we found that it was busier than before, and there were more young men passing by.Someone who happened to know Zhu Yourong pulled him aside to talk.”Is there any happy event today?Why so many people?”Zhu Yourong asked.”It is not because of the fairy lady who lives in your house, that day just saw her side face from afar, and she swept the king of the East Street off her feet. Everyone wanted to see what kind of fairy face she was.”I wish you let silence, want to that person is temporarily living in the home wish Tang Jiaojiao.(Click the following link to read the novel) the second: “and from the high marry again” author: true salary introduction: the husband has another love abandoned dross, mother-in-law fierce mean extremely difficult to tie up, ruthless and merciless harm her life, but also want to seek her dowry black heart.The tiger did not act as if she were a sick cat.Expose their scheming, tear up their Wolf son ambition, cunning and leave, let this deception toying with female feelings of the man mean female love to kill.Into the pit guide: the rest of my life, also can only in the dead of night, a person quietly read to think.Once, she and a strange man, a name do not know the man together to the little beggars sent steamed buns.She had dressed his wounds and he had eaten a bun she had taken a bite of.There were a lot of firsts between them.Something she couldn’t even dream about.Nancy held the purse tightly and dropped her eyes to hide the vague emotion in them.Feng Bingyu seems to feel, looked back at Nancy one eye, only saw her head, and the long like a small fan general eyelashes.Though she did not look at herself, and he did not fall into her eyes, her heart was soft.Drive the carriage after the little beggar.”Here we are!”Cried the little beggar.Chicken bingyu let the carriage stop.Nancy came to her senses.I just looked at the house in front of me, let’s call it the house, but in fact it was nothing but the ruins of the walls after the fire. Even on the gate, there were traces of the fire.”……”Nancy had never seen such a house.She was born in the prosperous township, prosperous heap, elders love, elder brother is spoiled, married to Beijing hou Fu, although not her husband love heavy, also not hou fu elders like, but she has silver in hand, food and clothing never shortage, still and once general no 2, even luxurious.It took a long time to get back to the scene.Even if feng Bingyu helped under the carriage, Nancy was still in surprise.This place is really messy, not into the face of a stink, smoked she almost fainted.His stomach turned and he was about to vomit.However, he summoned the beggar with great strength and said, “You may divide up the steamed buns and steamed buns in the carriage.”The little beggar nodded quickly.Called a few beggars want to move down the steamed bread, but afraid of dirty carriage, in the carriage side very anxious.Feng Bingyu on the carriage, the basket out.Two beggars immediately forward, carrying steamed bread to the other side, and up two.(click the following link to read the novel) the third: “the general of rebirth and leave” author: Not if the cloud of the river introduction: the previous life set thousands of love at a suit end sensitive long princess, but the feelings of blind eyes, finally even a ray of sweet soul also dissipated in deep curtigate courtyard, it may be said is a good hand card hit rotten.Open your eyes again, the boat was going to stay away from disputes, do a free and unfetchable your female.Who knows the trees and wind, a general entanglements life.Guide into the pit: after a few days of fine weather, snow gradually into snow water dripping down the roof of the soil.In addition to the air there are a few dry cold, can be said to be the winter after the more comfortable climate.The leaves of several evergreen trees in the Royal Princess’s house are getting greener as the snow melts.Maids and ladies also catch the good weather to dry their bedding.O zhou with a shallow apricot dress on the beauty couch teasing the canary in the cage, the house burning a madadayo incense, sweet smell as honey.Pearl and emerald were waiting outside the house, not allowed to enter without being summoned.This is the habit of the more the boat brought back.”Princess Chang, the subordinates heard Fu Yu explain in the study that they were going to attend the full moon banquet held by the grandson of song, the minister of the Criminal Department.Tomorrow would be a good day to go out.”The more suddenly appeared in front of the boat whispered.O boat after listen to nod, is ready to account for what but hear the door pearl high voice: “Feather prince for long princess.”O boat had to wave, let the speech more first off.”Let him in.”O zhou voice just fell, Fu Yu will wear screen came in.These days because things are busy, o boat also haven’t seen him for some days.The awkwardness of that night’s kiss has been eclipsed by time.”Feather elder brother today come occupy yao?”O boat did not move, still lying on the beauty bed to talk.Fu Yu’s face was somewhat haggard, but her long and narrow peach eyes were still lively.He chuckled for the boat put on a side of the small blanket, bowed their heads between raven blue hair feather brushed o boat face.”Tomorrow, Lord Song, the servant of the Criminal Department, has put out a bottle of wine for his grandson.These days in the house things are miscellaneous, this left out the boat for a long time, this want to compensate the boat, didn’t think and go out.Fu Yu is painted a smoky gray beizi with a circular crape embroidered with clouds painted on it, showing him thinner and thinner than usual.O zhou did not speak after listening, just quietly looking at Fu Yu white face tired and guilty, some can not see true or false.(Click on the following link to read the novel) Well, these are small make up today with you to understand the content, in see these, you have in the heart of the creation of their favorite works?Well, if you have anything to say, feel free to comment in the comments below.Review of past highlights: Lu Ting Xiao’s pet wife, abused the dog to even his own son!”Spring Breeze Singhuo” is very good, Yutang this gao Gan wen is more amazing, 9.8 points sweet peak table!Three Beijing flavor high dry article: blowing “Forest fog morning light” Wolf department criminal investigation captain vs Buddha department psychology master fast wear article: blowing “fast wear of the ashes male with his beautiful and strong” duanjiu fox vs the son of the world Chen East “immortal” again peak, beat “blowing god”, with 9.9 points popularity burst!