A Historic “Double Olympic City”

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From 2008 to 2022, from fireworks “big Footprints” to fireworks “welcoming pine”, from “dream five rings” to “ice and snow five rings”, from the “Chinese picture scroll” to the “crystal snow” to the future — in the same national stadium “Bird’s Nest”, the Olympic flame across time and space, fixed the next moment of history.Beijing, the world’s first “Double Olympic City”.February 4 is the start of spring, the beginning of the revival of all living things.The opening of the 24th Winter Olympic Games, with the traditional Chinese 24 solar terms countdown, ingenuity in full of meaning.The Chinese nation, which has gone through trials and tribulations, has pursued the Century-old Olympic dream with courage and determination in the spirit of spring, paving a new chapter of The Times.General Secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the hosting of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Beijing has not come easily and is of great significance. They are highly compatible with the realization of the “two Centenary Goals” and have injected new impetus into Beijing’s development in the new era.The unrivalled “Double Olympic City” is engraved with the extraordinary experience of a nation highly riring and working hard.If we say that the first handshake between Beijing and the Olympic Games was about a rising and prosperous China actively integrating itself into the world and showing its “self” with a long history. If we meet again today, it is about a stronger China and the world rushing towards each other and presenting a “we” with a world of unity.Struggle and transcendence constitute the main line of the “Double – Olympic Road”.For Beijing, this is the new driving force of The Times.For China, this is a new opportunity to leapfrog. “China’s sports and economic and social development will create a win-win situation with the development of the Olympic Movement in the world.”For the world, it was a historic moment for the Olympic Movement to “set a new example of sustainable development for the Olympic Games and the region”.Looking down on Beijing today, more than six years of preparations for the Winter Olympics resonate with the city’s development.From the rebirth of “Double Olympic Venues”, we can feel the new pulse of the ancient capital for thousands of years.In the central area of the Olympic Park, where the hockey and archery competitions of the Summer Olympics were held, the “ice Ribbon” of the National Speed Skating Hall, which is full of gold science and technology, has been built.The National Aquatics Center, the Water Cube, the Capital Stadium and the Wukesong Sports Center, all of which are well-known venues for the Summer Olympics, have been upgraded to “ice and snow mode”, taking on new responsibilities and shining with new glory.In the western suburbs of Beijing, Shougang completed a magnificent turn from fire to ice, from factory to city.The Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee and the high-level ice and snow training base have settled here, and the big ski jump “Snow flying” will be permanently reserved for use after the competition.The century-old industrial relic, which was moved “to restore the blue sky of the capital” around the 2008 Olympic Games, is now a new landmark of snow and ice in the city.After the 2008 Olympics, a total of 31 venues were put into use in Beijing, creating a wide range of social and economic benefits;Of the 13 competition and non-competition venues in Beijing for the 2022 Winter Olympics, 11 are left over from that year’s Olympic Games.”Repeated, comprehensive and sustainable utilization of stadiums and gymnasiums”, and creative transformation of winter and summer projects, embodies China’s experience and wisdom.The precious legacy of the “Olympic City” not only belongs to Beijing and China, but also to the world.The concept of “green, Shared, open and clean” has not only changed the face of the city, but also created new ideas and impetus for development.Yanqing division construction “moving the first shovel soil” before, first to the surrounding animal and plant resources to find out the bottom of the file.As small as a tree, a pile of earth under the tree, the small animals are carefully protected.The National Bobsled Center “Snow Dragon” specially reserved an entrance at the slow part of the ramp to facilitate the public participation after the race.A “Green and low-carbon Bus network for the Winter Olympics” spread out in Beijing, landscaping, barrier-free facilities and other “soft environment” greatly improved;Regional ecological joint management: From 2015 to 2021, the annual average concentration of PM2.5 in Beijing will be reduced by 59%;A number of beautiful, harmonious and livable Winter Olympics streets, winter Olympics communities, Winter Olympics parks, winter Olympics landscape avenue, constitute a thriving urban landscape……”Double Olympic elements” into the urban fabric, chess planning, package solutions, give Beijing the “acceleration” of sustainable development.The process of building the “Olympic City” is not only Beijing’s commitment to the international community, but also its commitment to the people.From “One World, One Dream” to “Together for the future”, the continuous struggle of the two Olympic cycles witnessed the growth of the “Double Olympic City”, but also left the footprints of the strivers.Many of the staff who participated in the construction of the Summer Olympics have also devoted themselves to the preparations for the Winter Olympics, continuing to contribute light and heat.From the construction of “Bird’s Nest” to the construction of “Ice ribbon”, Li Jiulin, chief engineer of Beijing Urban Construction Group, has never changed his original intention of independent innovation and filling the technological gap;The Hanghai team, which designed the Olympic medal “gold inlaid with jade”, carved the Winter Olympic medal “Concentric” more than ten years later, showing the cultural heritage of the “City of Double Olympics”…The Olympic spirit is passed on from generation to generation, and the “double Olympic complex” is deeply rooted in my heart.”Our generation is lucky to have two Olympics on our doorstep.The persistence of the two Olympics is the inheritance of the two Olympics.”This statement expresses the common aspiration of the “Double Austrian people”.It is also the city and its people who have the memory of the Double Olympics.Throughout the streets of the Winter Olympics elements, through a thick festive atmosphere.From the citizens who took photos of “clocking in” the Scenery of the Winter Olympics, to the long queue for buying the Souvenirs of the Winter Olympics, the reunion with the Olympics after a long time, just like the first time, more affection.Through the Baptism of the Olympic Games, tangible and intangible Olympic mark has already integrated into the blood of the Chinese nation.The host spirit of “I participate, I contribute, I am happy” is spread in every corner of the “Double Olympic City”.In Dongsi Street, Beijing, the country’s first Olympic community, more than 200 residents spontaneously formed a “double Olympic Volunteer service team”;A former speed skater in Shijingshan District, offered free skating skills training for community residents;Yanqing “environmental protection grandma” He Yufeng led more people, to create the “most beautiful Winter Olympics city” action……Known as the bird’s Nest generation in 2008, the post-80s volunteers have grown into the backbone of society.Fourteen years later, the young post-00s have gathered again to show a more confident and dynamic smiling business card and Chinese expression.On the journey of the “Double Olympic City”, there are century-long plans and putting forward long-term considerations, which also convey the temperature of “people first”.From snow and ice sports becoming a new tool to promote national fitness, to the pre-planning of venues after the winter Olympics using “script”, and to the healthy low-carbon environmental protection lifestyle has become a trend, “environment is influencing, new regional development, better life” winter Olympics effect has gradually emerged.It is the people who will benefit from the Games in the long run.Looking out from the west curtain wall of “Ice Ribbon”, a row of plane trees stands proudly.Those trees were planted in 2008, and now the saplings have grown into big trees.Beijing’s pursuit of the Olympic Dream is also an epitome of China’s 40-plus years of reform and opening-up.”What we dared not to think of in the past, we now dare to think, and we can do it when we think, and we can do it when we do.”The international community has seen “China’s future” in the preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympics.When the Olympic Games meet again with eastern civilization, a More open, confident and calm China, a China that “makes its people happy”, a China that “keeps its word and does what it says”, a China that “keeps its feet on the ground”, has presented itself to the world in all directions.History has chosen China, and The Times have created the “Double Olympic City”.Through the Winter Olympics, it is not difficult to understand that despite the challenges posed by the epidemic, as long as we unite as one and put people first, we can overcome the current haze and move towards a bright future.The lighting ceremony of the Opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games saw the whole world guarding a group of “glimmers”. This unprecedented creativity is a vivid interpretation of the “Chinese solution” to answer the question of The Times.The “Double Olympic Values” condense here and bring hope and strength to all mankind.At this moment, it is the Spring Festival.The Chinese people believe that “family harmony makes everything prosperous”. From the “small reunion” of every family to the “happy reunion” of the Olympic Games, the “Double Olympic City” sings the harmony of The Times and the sound of “Together for the future”.