0-2 and 4 rounds lost!Spanish Nemesis is beaten back to its original form, Wu Lei is disliked?We can’t go through the winter window

2022-05-11 0 By

Vallecano lost 2-0 to Celta in la Liga, dropping from fourth to ninth in the standings.After 4 rounds in a row, Vallecano for the top six dropped, the current round of more than four points ahead of the Spaniards, spaniards win this round can reduce the difference between the two teams.Vallecano have the best record of the three promoted sides in La Liga this season, with 9 wins, 3 draws and 7 losses in the first half of the season collecting 30 points, edging bilbao and Villarreal into sixth place.Vallecano are also unbeaten at home in La Liga, winning 6 and drawing 3, with their recent 1-0 defeat to Bilbao ending their unbeaten run at home.This time away against celta, the momentum of the recent good, Vallecano need to end three consecutive rounds without victory.In the 12th minute of the first half, Celta took a 1-0 lead when Bryce Mendes volleyed home from the back spot after Dimitlevski hit a short shot.In the 81st minute of the second half, Celta’s corner hit the top spot and Bryce Mendes backfooted home the ball to seal the 2-0 win.After the defeat, Vallecano remained at 31 points, celta increased to 30 points, the two teams are separated by only one point, vallecano suffered a fourth round of winless, dropped to ninth in the table.Vallecano continued to win, allowing the spaniards behind the opportunity to narrow the two teams.In the past, vallecano was the Nemesis of Espanyol. Espanyol had more wins than losses, but now the two teams are getting closer and closer.The Spaniards travel to athletic Bilbao after three consecutive defeats and a slump in form.Of course, the domestic fans are most concerned about whether Wu Lei will play or not. In the past 7 matches in La Liga, Wu Lei did not play on the bench and was completely abandoned. Now he is returning to Spain from China, it is difficult for Wu Lei to change his position and role in the team.During the winter window last month, there were reports of interest in Wu, with Alaves of La Liga leading the speculation that they would sign wu on loan to help them avoid relegation.Now after the winter window closed, Wu Lei is still in Spain, which means the transfer failed, basically is abandoned, also related to wu Lei in La Liga’s dismal statistics, 0 goals 0 assists, let Wu Lei is no longer the manager’s scope of employment.