Write life | New Year’s Day with foreign friends

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Yesterday, we made dumplings, rolled spring rolls, made paper lanterns, played games and surrounded by a huge tiger baby mascot in the middle of the restaurant.Making dumplings is Chinese culture and our specialty.But I am very strange is, how can foreigners do this craft?Sure enough they were blindsided in front of a pile of dumplings and a pile of meat, the host divided them into five groups, each group by a dumpling staff hand in hand to teach them.Some quickly learn, some in the end also can not squeeze a dumpling skin.When we eat, we eat with chopsticks, while foreigners don’t know how to use chopsticks, some of them use spoons, some just eat with their hands.In fact, for our children, dumplings eat dumplings are not the main, the main is “play” games.The organizers have arranged two games altogether.One is called you guess better than ME.The rule is that in pairs, one person points, and the other person has to guess the words he points.Foreigners guess English words, we guess Chinese words.First up was a foreign couple who guessed 14 words correctly.It’s funny that when foreign friends and partners can’t answer, The Chinese children will quickly run up and whisper the answers in their ears, causing a piece of good-natured banter.Another game is to wrap money in dumplings. The rule is that among hundreds of dumplings, only one dumpling is filled with a red pepper, and all are mixed together. When the person who eats the red pepper shows up, they will get a big mysterious gift, which makes all the attendees crane their necks in anticipation.The answer to the riddle was finally revealed, a chubby foreign couple ate red pepper!Finally, all the people eagerly looked at the host, want to hear the so-called mysterious reward is what?I saw the host loudly said: congratulations to this couple of foreigners got a Shanghai travel room ticket, enjoy a free holiday period of 10 days!Applause broke out, and everyone looked at them with envious eyes.It is said that most of the foreign friends who attended the dumpling banquet worked in Hangzhou. The longest stayed in Hangzhou for four years, and the shortest also had one year.They all love Chinese culture and some are said to have acquired Chinese nationality.(Advisor: Zhang Yingfang) This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, reprinting, copying, excerpting, rewriting and network transmission are prohibited. Otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.