Tianlong, can sweep the floor monk master only this person, not Qiao Feng, nor is no cliff son!

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In “Tianlong Eight bu”, the river’s lake, there are a lot of powerful people, the strength of the people is countless.Among them open and aboveboard, the most admirable Qiao Feng.Qiao Feng is forbearing, chivalrous, and aggressive, is a true temperament of the man, a man.And Qiao Feng strength is extraordinary, not only the body holds concurrently shaolin dragon claw hand, gai gang capture dragon gong, platoon cloud double palm, drop demon palm, dozen dog stick method and so on unique martial arts, and one hand drop dragon 28 palm is more practice is superb.In addition to xiao feng, peripateticism no cliff son that is a pretty, the role of a generation of famous fast talker ding spring and autumn period is no cliff son apprentice, although ding spring and autumn go to where, where the banner is plugged into, flattery words also has, but ding spring and autumn in wulin nobody dare to provoke, from which can see no cliff is how much.Not only that, even the thirty-six holes, seventy-two island wulin people tidy up the tianshan Tong Mu are not no yachzi opponent, no yachzi north stymiangong practice is superb, perfect, absolute strength.So so fierce Qiao Feng and so excellent no cliff son, can win sweeping monk?Actually can’t, sweeping the monk’s strength that is absolutely very fierce, not qiao Feng and no ya zi can match.As we all know, that year in the Shaolin Sutra cabinet, cattle force coax with lightning, arrogant and domendering hanging fried days of the Jiu Mo zhi, to be in front of the martial arts master’s face, in public to show off his extraordinary martial arts, the results sweeping the floor monk did not follow the jiu Mo zhi trick, jiu Mo zhi has been wilted.At that time sweeping the monk by virtue of the body three feet gas wall will jiu Mozhi’s flame knife palm force to resolve the trace was not found, not only jiu Mozhi, even in the river’s lake Wulin turn rain over rain, steal shaolin martial arts for more than 30 years murong Bo, Xiao Yuanshan were surprised, sweeping the monk’s strength can be seen.Is not only a dove “wisdom, in the sutra depository, sweeping monk also big sleeve of a pendulum, can directly kill xiao mountains and MuRongBo, let xiao mountains MuRongBo lying dead on the ground directly, the xiao feng and MuRongFu see dad was knocked down, so both hand sweeping monk, but for sweeping monk useless, visible to xiao feng xiao feng’s strength that never won a sweeping monk.So in “Tianlong eight bu”, there is no master can win sweeping monk?The answer is yes.In “Tianlong eight bu”, can win sweeping monk master only this person, not Qiao Feng, also not wuya son!So who is this expert?Take a guess.In fact, this person is the head of the free and unfetchable party, spirit vulture palace of the palace Lord, Qiao Feng’s sworn brother Virtual bamboo is also.Speaking of virtual bamboo, a lot of people that is envy envy hate, a career met without cliff son this big man, but also the 70 years of peerless martial arts all taught virtual bamboo, later virtual bamboo is to get tianshan tong mu’s hand teaching, learned tianshan six Yang palm and Tianshan break plum hand and so on peerless martial arts.Later, in the Icecellar of the Western Xia Dynasty, Xuzhu even absorbed the skills of Tong Mu and Li Qiushui of the Tianshan Mountains for nearly two hundred years, and the skills of Wuyazi for nearly three hundred years, which was definitely beyond the ability of the monk who swept the floor.Head and falsely bamboo become gridhrakuta palace, after the gridhrakuta cliff palace all martial arts society, became the xixia emperor after the door son-in-law, falsely bamboo and lee’s autumn waters collected various and peripateticism all fighting skill to learn, will eventually north ghost siddhi, small work without phase, eight drought liuhe inevitability achieve mastery through a comprehensive work, created as overseers second pulse.More fierce is, virtual bamboo with Qiao Feng after the handle, Qiao Feng felt virtual bamboo learned, strength is extraordinary, so his dragon twenty-eight palm and virtual bamboo to discuss, trying to further simplify the dragon twenty-eight palm, make the dragon palm power to play more incisively and vividly.In this way virtual bamboo will be qiaofeng Dragon twenty-eight palms simplified to qiaofeng eighteen palms, more powerful than Qiaofeng.At that time virtual bamboo dragon eighteen palm, only Huo Huo two down son, palm directly out of the two big golden dragon, a cry of sound, and two dragon went, everywhere around the explosion, power comparable to hydrogen bomb, atomic bomb, very powerful.As we all know, although the strength of Qiao Feng is not enough to defeat the sweeping monk, but in the Sutras pavilion, Qiao Feng really with a palm dragon palm will sweep the floor monk duijia, and Virtual bamboo inherited and carried forward more severe dragon eighteen palms, a palm against the sweeping monk are unknown.And xu Zhu set north ghost, small no phase power, eight drought liuhe unique power in a body, as long as not scattered power, can live with heaven and earth, and the sun and the moon, is absolutely mighty, domiantly, cock.Small sweeping monk in front of the virtual bamboo is unworthy of mentioning.Therefore, in “Tianlong Eight bu”, can win sweeping monk master only this person, not Qiao Feng, nor wuya son!