The strongest retention rate interpretation, so do not regret buying a car!

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China, which has been the global car sales champion for 13 consecutive years, confirms the fact that Chinese people change cars frequently with data.According to a survey, Chinese people may change cars more frequently than any other major country in the world, far surpassing those in the United States and Europe. 43% of car buyers were less than three years old when their last car was bought.Fourteen percent of car buyers decided to replace their last car after only a year.As many as 17 percent of post-1980s consumers who buy new cars replace them within a year.Automobile is a relatively large consumer goods, when consumers make up their minds to iterate, what they worry about is whether the second-hand car is still valuable or not?This has become the biggest trouble when many owners change cars.At this time, the car maintenance rate of the noun timely appeared.The RRR is the ratio of the sale price of a car to the original purchase price after it has been used for a certain period of time.To put it more bluntly, it’s the depreciation rate.A lot of consumers will ignore this factor when they buy a car for the first time, so they have the regret when they change cars again.It can be said that when buying a car without considering the warranty rate, it will be found when selling the car that it is undoubtedly unwise to buy a car without considering the warranty rate.In the used car market, some people sit in the luxury car crying, some people sit in the seemingly ordinary car laughing.All because of three words – retention rate.The latest figures show that 26.275 million vehicles were sold in 2021.In 2021, the total volume of used cars traded in China reached 17.5851 million, up 22.62 percent year on year.From the perspective of vehicle age structure, 4.148 million vehicles with vehicle age less than 3 years were traded, accounting for 23.59% of the total transaction volume.A total of 6.3559 million vehicles were traded, accounting for 36.14% of the total transaction volume.While the transaction volume of new and used cars picks up, the retention rate has become an important indicator of the development of the automobile industry, and users are paying more and more attention to it when buying vehicles.So step on the retention rate pit of the people, have to silently in the second-hand car market in tears.As soon as possible to understand the situation of the auto market warranty rate: from the current market of many public reports, Japanese cars are still the most value-preserving, with 71.91% of the third year warranty rate ranked the first, Germany and Korea ranked the second and third respectively, the third year warranty rate of more than 60%.From the point of view of the warranty rate, dongfeng Honda CR-V has to be mentioned. According to some lists published in recent years, it firmly holds the first place in the warranty rate list of SUV models.In the report of China Automobile Warranty Rate in 2020 released by China Automobile Distribution Association, CR-V once again won the first place in the warranty rate of compact SUV for 1-5 years in 2020 with a three-year warranty rate of 79.97%.Previously, the SUV retention rate ranked first from 2017 to 2019.The picture shows the research Report on China’s Automobile Warranty rate jointly released by 58 Auto, J.D.Power jundi and Universum. Many users may not understand the value of the first warranty rate, or even many users will not consider this factor when buying a car.Forums often have such topics as: if it is a buyer’s car, is it necessary to consider the warranty rate;Why this car is so cheap;I didn’t know the warranty rate until I sold my car.It can be seen that many users basically have impulse consumption when buying a car, without considering the retention rate.Brand influence, fuel consumption performance, failure rate and maintenance costs, vehicle quality, safety and reliability these factors may have been in the user’s mind, but always can not overcome the impulse.As a relatively large commodity, about three years later, the problem of not considering the warranty rate when buying a car will emerge when it is traded in the second-hand car market.In the name of retention rates, there is an online theme of collective regret among car buyers: What was important when you bought the car, but then turned out not to be?The answers are varied.For example, when buying a car, THE 4S shop claimed to give the owner a 9999 gift package;When you buy a car, you look for cruise control until you sell it.For those of you who buy a seven-seater SUV, do you use your third-row seat a lot?Want to partition air conditioning, thought very practical, only to find that passengers on both sides of the temperature requirements are rarely the same situation…Obviously, these users when buying a car, basically have no concept of the retention rate, or do not care about, blindly pursue those so-called rigid demand.However, it wasn’t until I switched cars that I realized that wOM was actually a list of reliable customer reviews, no matter what the model was.Quality safety and reliability, this should be the user go to consider the first thing to do, the monthly sales the car usually has a good stability in high resale value, the component configuration make you impulsive, repair or maintenance costs may be very high in the late, as for the fuel consumption, it as a resale value factors should be second only to the safe and reliable.Those who did not take the warranty factor into account when buying a car, when selling a car, are probably regretting their original decision.This truth is very simple, regardless of the warranty rate is an urgent need to change the concept of car purchase, to the warranty rate as the purchase standard, should become a consensus.As the first place in the warranty rate of the same class of urban SUV in China, there are still many people who have not thought of or paid attention to why cr-V, as a compact SUV model, is favored by so many users in the Chinese market.Even now there are still users of its situation is doubtful – why is the warranty rate of Dongfeng Honda CR-V so high?From the point of view of brand influence, the market on dongfeng Honda this brand evaluation is: a day Honda, lifetime Honda, and CR-V as a star model of Honda, its influence has boosted the Dongfeng Honda brand to the next level.Many users recognize THE CR-V, making it the first choice of many family SUV users, and even the first choice for re-purchase. An old driver said bluntly, “I have driven four cars for 16 years, and the last three are ALL CR-V.”This can also be proved by the sales data. Since entering the domestic market in 2004, THE cr-V market has maintained a high volume and has accumulated 2.4 million users.In 2021, CR-V’s annual terminal sales volume reached 222,300 units, winning the joint venture SUV sales champion.Maintenance should refer to the failure rate, which is a very simple truth, the car is not easy to break, do not repair, natural value is high.According to the data released by China Automobile Quality Network, in the quality ranking of SUVs with a guide price of more than 150,000 yuan, the failure rate of CR-V is more than one time lower than the average, occupying the first place in the list.Hundreds of thousands of kilometers without overhaul cases are very common, the cost of a routine small maintenance can be fixed about 500 yuan.A user of Versailles’ “CR-V doesn’t work well” instead became an obstacle for him to change his car. He said that one of his cars had been run for 8 years, and had not been repaired for 8 years without any minor problems except for rubbing spray paint.So you change the transmission oil and brake oil at 100,000 kilometers.It really does not run bad, want to change the car, is not bad, friends have changed the car twice, either not good to run, or more problems.From the perspective of real driving experience, safety is a hard cost. In fact, when users choose a car, safety is the top factor, which is also a relatively important factor affecting the retention rate.After cr-V was introduced into China, Dongfeng Honda adopted very strict manufacturing standards and established a strict production consistency management system.Including vehicle design and development, parts procurement, manufacturing, product inspection to sales and other links.Honda SENSING, developed with the goal of “zero accidents”, covers almost all mainstream vehicle configurations.In the racetrack where CR-V belongs, the market competition is very fierce. For CR-V, the retention rate is the fortress built for consumers. The ceiling position of CR-V needs and deserves to be seen by users.As a compact SUV backed by cutting-edge technology, the CR-V is no. 1 in warranty.Today, with the support of advanced technology and intelligence, users’ product experience is also improving. A product innovation is the subversion of traditional performance.As a product that can gain favor in such a large area, it will not be absent in intelligence.Hou Yu is a new car owner for 2021.As a financial practitioner, the projects he has participated in in the last two years are all based in Tianjin and he has to commute to And from Beijing and Tianjin every day. What attracts him about CR-V is not only the high warranty rate, but also the intelligent driving experience.”When I sit in the driver’s seat of the CR-V, I can use intelligent voice recognition to start the navigation of the vehicle.On a long journey, you can enjoy a spiritual SPA in the cabin with a variety of entertainment ways and a large number of entertainment resources.During self-drive travel, information can be exchanged between vehicles through location sharing function, not afraid of getting separated;Every time I get into the car, there are a lot of practical configurations, such as independent temperature control automatic air conditioning in the dual-temperature zone, seat heating and rear sunshade, so that I can directly have a cordial experience of ‘get on the bus = go home’.”For Hou, CR-V is like an old friend who understands what he wants to do and provides some support.It can be anything from helping a driver get into a parking space to keeping him or her safe at a critical moment.Moreover, configurations such as HUD head-up display system and ACL active steering lighting system make daily driving more comfortable and convenient.LWC blind spot display, MVCS 360° panoramic image, CTM rearview dynamic reminder, PA automatic parking assistance and other systems seem to be equipped with “clairvoyance” and “windward ear” for car owners.Honda has always been in the field of automobile manufacturing engine research and development ability is superior, the market for Honda has such an evaluation – buy an engine to send a car.The early i-VTEC engine and 5-speed parallel axle transmission provided excellent performance and durability.Now, as the first urban SUV to include “fuel, hybrid and plug-in” powertrains, the technology is more diverse.Fuel power is more abundant, compared with the old model, acceleration performance and ride comfort have been improved, more suitable for the love of fuel engine driving pleasure, but also the pursuit of high configuration and high comfort fuel car fans.The hybrid version adopts the third-generation I-MMD hybrid power system, which is energy-saving, environmentally friendly and can bridge the demand gap between traditional vehicles and new energy vehicles. These advantages are reflected in the CR-V hybrid model.Hybrid power was introduced as early as July 2017 when the fifth-generation domestic CR-V went on sale.It is also worth mentioning that Dongfeng Honda launches PHEV models in 2021 — CR-V Rui hybrid E +.It is equipped with Honda’s unique plug-in HYBRID power system — SPORT HYBRID E +, with faster power response and quieter space. The intuitive car experience is simply “infinitely close to EV”.In fact, these intelligent technology and performance innovation, consumers are extremely valued car purchase factors, and the use of cutting-edge technology to support the quality, but also constitute the foundation of high retention rate of automotive products, attracting more and more users to make choices.In Hou’s words, “Given my current spending power, the CR-V is the best choice to balance.When I sell cars in the future, I’ll feel like I’ve driven enough.”Of course, from another point of view, CR-V’s full coverage of the warranty rate from all aspects is also due to the pain points of users when they buy a car for the first time and change a car.And this pain point will exist in the future for a long time, and will certainly cause more and more users to pay attention to.As the enthusiasm of users to buy and change cars continues to rise, according to the market expectation of the frequency of changing cars, in the future, a fact will become more and more clear — to sell cars without tears of regret, the retention rate must become the top priority for users to consider when buying a car.