The doctor reminds: sugar friend tube does not stop mouth, dozen again much insulin also useless

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Ms. Chen has been suffering from diabetes for a year, and her blood sugar has not been well controlled. Even though she has changed different drugs, the treatment effect is still not ideal.The doctor for this worry white head, in order to prevent the deterioration of diabetes, the doctor had to charge Ms. Chen to hit insulin, as expected the drug effect is very fast, Ms. Chen’s blood sugar value gradually tends to be stable.But before the doctor and Ms. Chen were completely relieved, the second check showed that Ms. Chen’s blood sugar rose again. The doctor was very puzzled and asked whether Ms. Chen’s diet was regular. Ms. Chen said, it was the same as before.Ms. Chen’s son couldn’t help but interjected, saying that his mother always secretly ate fruit when he was not at home, how could she control her blood sugar well.’What’s wrong with me eating some fruit?’ Ms. Chen retorted.And the fruit I eat isn’t sweet or high in sugar.The doctor listened to, can not help but help forehead, often eat fruit, this is Ms Chen blood sugar control bad culprit all the time.Ms. Chen’s idea speaks the voice of some diabetes patients: the sugar content of unsweetened fruits is not high, and can be assured to eat.Little do they know, in daily diet, these seemingly sugar-free foods are actually invisible “glycemic king”.Many diabetics can’t control their blood sugar even insulin, because they can’t keep their mouth shut. In this article, we will take stock of these “harmful” foods.”Foods that are not sweet have no sugar and are safe to eat.”It’s one of the criteria that many diabetics use to judge whether food can be eaten or not, and it’s not reliable, it has no scientific basis.So, what should diabetic correct diet be based on?At present, the diet of patients with diabetes is a very important part in addition to drug treatment. With the increasing number of patients with diabetes year by year, how to eat for patients with diabetes has become a very important topic.The patient’s diet should first control the total calories. After the food is digested and absorbed by the human body, the calories consumed can maintain normal weight or be slightly lower than the ideal weight.Obese patients must reduce their calorie intake, while emaciated patients can increase calories appropriately to maintain their weight. Here comes a concept called glycemic index.The glycemic index (GI) refers to the level of blood glucose response caused by ingested food. It reflects the ability of a food to raise blood glucose levels.As an important index, glycemic index is used for dietary reference of diabetic patients, which has guiding significance.Different foods have different proportions of carbohydrates, so their glycemic index is different.Generally, the glycemic index of glucose is used as a reference, which is set at 100.Foods with a glycemic index less than 55 are considered low glycemic index foods.These low gi foods, can stay for a long time in the digestive tract, the digestive absorption rate is low, the decomposition speed slower, glucose is released at a slow speed, and into the blood, so the peak of postprandial glucose is low, rising by insulin metabolism, blood sugar levels drop is small, to avoid the sharp fluctuations in blood sugar, can effectively control blood sugar.Foods with a glycemic index greater than 70 are called high glycemic index foods.After these foods enter the gastrointestinal tract, they are digested quickly and completely absorbed, and glucose is released into the blood quickly. After meal, the peak blood glucose rises quickly and high, and then the blood glucose drops rapidly, just like a roller coaster, which will lead to large fluctuations in blood glucose and is not conducive to blood glucose control.So a lot of food whether to help control blood sugar, not only by “sweet” judgment, common food, a lot of confusing, not sweet is high glycemic index food, should pay enough attention to, if often eat, blood sugar is not so easy to control.2, these 5 foods are “king of sugar” : sugar friends can’t shut up, no matter how much insulin you beat!Dietary regulation of diabetic patients is a university question. These five kinds of food that can be seen every day in daily life should be avoided by diabetic patients as far as possible, otherwise it will cause blood sugar to soar and it will be too late to regret.1. Staple food Whether it is steamed bread noodles for people from the north or rice for people from the South, the main ingredient is carbohydrate starch, which will be digested quickly in the digestive tract and generate glucose, which is easy to make blood sugar rise quickly.This is worse for diabetes patients with disorderly glucose metabolism. This kind of staple food should be avoided to avoid excessive intake of calories in diabetes patients.However, it does not mean that patients should not eat any staple food, because if they do not eat staple food for a long time, carbohydrates cannot be effectively supplied and sufficient energy cannot be provided. The body decomposes protein and fat to provide energy, and patients will gradually lose weight.In addition, long-term do not eat staple food, may cause complications of diabetes, diabetic ketoacidosis, serious cases will endanger the patient’s life.The main food of each meal for diabetic patients should be controlled according to the patient’s weight, and generally not more than 400 grams per day is appropriate.Most pastry snacks are made of flour, milk powder, eggs and so on, supplemented with oil, sugar, fruit and so on, which are not conducive to blood sugar control.Not to mention, many pastries, while delicious, aren’t necessarily healthy when grilled, steamed or fried.After eating these foods, although they can make us feel relaxed and happy, they are an extra burden on the body of diabetic patients.Some diabetics believe in sugar-free pastries. Whether this is a publicity stunt or not is not discussed, but the main ingredient of pastries is starch, which is high glycemic index food, and it is better to eat less.3. Some fruits Many diabetic patients choose to eat unsweet fruits, believing that these fruits are low in sugar and can be safely eaten.This is a false proposition, many non-sweet fruit, taste is not sweet, but the sugar content is also very high, such as sour pomegranate, hawthorn, dragon fruit and so on.The sweetness of fruit is not the same as sugar content, because these fruits are also high in organic acids, which overwrite the original sweetness.These fruits are not low in calories, diabetes patients had better eat less.When choosing fruit, diabetic patients should consider the sugar content of fruit and daily consumption of fruit while controlling their blood sugar.And, those who have not stabilized blood sugar patients, it is best to temporarily choose to eat tomatoes, cucumbers instead of fruit.4. Porridge diabetes patients had better not often eat porridge, why not?Most of the components of porridge are still carbohydrates, dietary fiber reduction, after a long time of boiling, its composition has changed, there will be a part of the decomposition of monosaccharides, into the human body is easier to digest and absorb, not easy to produce a feeling of fullness.The glycemic index of porridge is higher than that of rice and other staple foods, and the blood glucose of patients fluctuates greatly after eating, especially for patients with poor blood glucose control after eating, it is better to reduce the consumption of porridge.People with diabetes are advised not to drink alcohol, either red wine, white wine or beer.The liver is the site of gluconeogenesis and glycogen synthesis, both of which are very important metabolic processes in diabetics.Alcohol has to be metabolized by the liver, so that’s extra work for the liver to break down alcohol, which can affect sugar metabolism and make blood sugar more unstable.In addition, alcohol often affects the secretion of insulin and interferes with the effect of hypoglycemic drugs. After drinking alcohol, some diabetic patients are prone to hypoglycemia or lactic acid poisoning, which affects the regulation of blood glucose in mild cases and endangers life in serious cases.There are no longer a few sugar-raising foods hidden in food. These five types of food are very typical and come into contact with them every day. Diabetic patients should keep their mouth shut and reduce their dosage, so as not to cause trouble to the body, otherwise, no matter how much insulin they take, their blood sugar will not be well controlled.In addition, in the diet, three meals must be regular, diabetes patients must avoid hunger a full meal, overeating;Keep up with all kinds of nutrition. Don’t overlook balanced nutrition because of the type of diet you eat, and eat a diet that is low in fat, oil and salt.Especially staple food, do not be too fine, can be more diversified, with cereals such as oats, buckwheat and other parts of the replacement, can not only increase the sense of satiety, but also get enough energy;If the patient is used to eating porridge, while reducing the amount, do not boil it for too long, in case the food is too soft, and quickly digested and absorbed after the mouth.In fact, in addition to paying attention to these foods with high glycemic index, patients with diabetes should also pay more attention to many aspects in their life as advised by doctors.3. What aspects should diabetes patients pay attention to in their daily life in order to control their blood sugar?Diabetes is known as the disease of affluence, which is related to the better living conditions and changes in living habits of contemporary people. Therefore, the following items should also be changed.First, increase exercise.Patients with diabetes should “keep their mouth shut and move their legs” instead of just Shouting slogans. Many patients suffer from diabetes because they eat too well and lack of exercise.Increasing appropriate exercise can not only increase the activity and quantity of insulin, but also eliminate insulin resistance.Also can enhance the patient’s heart, brain oxygen supply;At the same time, weight control, increase body resistance, from many aspects, is conducive to blood sugar control.Exercise should pay attention to the time and intensity, try to adhere to aerobic exercise every day, to 1~2 hours after meal exercise is the best.It doesn’t have to be intense. It could be jogging, walking, swimming, or making lifestyle changes: walking instead of commuting, taking more walks around the office, etc.Secondly, learn to detect blood glucose and actively cooperate with treatment.Now blood glucose meter has been very common, patients or their family members should learn how to use it, and have one at home to facilitate the detection of blood glucose value and understand their own blood glucose status.On this basis, communicate well with doctors to develop a blood glucose control plan that is more in line with their own, which is more conducive to the stability of blood glucose, slow down the process of diabetes and ensure the quality of life of patients.Conclusion: In life, there are many hidden “traps” for diabetes patients, especially in terms of diet, which may be accidentally stepped into.In the face of food temptation, diabetic patients should first consider whether it is beneficial to blood glucose control before entering the mouth. Do not like Ms. Chen, pursue the desire of tongue, delay the treatment of the disease, the gain is outweighed by the loss.Reference: “Diabetes patients can not go into the error of sugar control, do not eat fruit just take medicine, these practices are not reliable” China Medical 2021.03 “Hit insulin can eat freely? Beware of diabetes 10 dietary errors!”People’s Daily 2021.04