Shuo Wen Jie zi lesson 526: The Chinese characters related to “saddle”

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Then our “Shuo Wen Jie Zi” course, this course explains the five Chinese characters of “revolution” : “revolution yi, boasts, 䩸, 䩞, 鞈”.These five characters are not commonly used in modern Chinese, and most of the 57 characters in “ge” are pictophonics, so the content of this lesson is still boring.The details of the five words are as follows: 1, [yi].Read zhuo.”Shuo Wen Jie Zi” gives the explanation is: “[yi], car also.From leather, yi sound.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is car tools.”Word · Leather ministry” : “[leather yi], on the car.”It must be a car tool, but it is not clear what it means, from the analysis of “yi”, it should refer to the things used for affixing on the car.Note that this word is easily confused with the word drop.”Leather yi” shown here :(leather yi) 2, and the yard boasts.Read ā n.The explanation given in Shuowen Jiezi is: “The horse boasts a harness over.From ge, from An.”Xu Shen believes that it is a meaning word.In fact, the spot boasts both pictograms and ideographs, the same as the “saddle”.The original meaning is saddle.”Jade chapter · Leather ministry” : “Boasts, also for the saddle.””Urgent piece” Yan Note: “saddle so by the horse, take its safety also.”The reason why the “saddle” has an “Ann” is because after having a “saddle”, people immediately “stable”.”Shuo Wen Jie zi” does not close the “saddle”, “boasts the” saddle “.(saddle) “alzheimers” :(alzheimers) 3, 䩸.The rong is pronounced as “rong”.This is the pronunciation of the zhuyin version of The Chinese book Company, annotated by the words, and the explanation is: “䩸, boasts the ornament of the moon.From leather, velvet sound.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is a thin decorative blanket draped over a saddle.Xu Kai’s Biography of Shuo Wen Shi: “A Miscellany of Xijing: ‘Horses may be acted as people (Ji).Ming Fang Yi-zhi, Tong Ya · Use: 䩸䩞, make me feel better.䩸 that velvet 䩞, saddle cui decorative also.”(䩸) Jin Fu Xuan “Liang Ma Fu” : “Jin Tzui in the first, hair to Ming Ke, carving saddle adopt 䩸, weave le contain China.”All praise to the horse.And leather.”Jade article · Leather ministry” : “䩸, leather also.”(2) rǒng.This pronunciation comes from Jiyun.Graceful, graceful, graceful, gracefulJiyun · Swelling Yun: “[MAO Falcon], Shuo Wen: ‘MAO Sheng ye.’or team, 䩸.”The xiaozhuan writing method of “䩸” is shown as follows :(xiaozhuan writing method of 䩸) 4, 䩞.A. tie B. tie C. tie D. tieThis is the pronunciation of the zhuowen Jiezi annotated by Zhonghua Book Company, and the explanation reads: “䩞, decorated.From leather, accounted for the sound.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is saddle decoration.”Say f” volume 36 cited Li Jing “Yunnan Zhi Lue · Yi custom” : “(white language) saddle 䩞 yue mourning (barrier) mud.”In other words, 䩞 refers to the decoration of the saddle, which is placed under the saddle and hangs over the horse’s back to keep out the dirt.It is “barrier mud”.(barrier mud position) “Three Kingdoms pinghua” volume below: “said riding clip, Cao Gong with saddle 䩞 cover its head, downstream.””Cao Cao was defeated by ma Chao and Han Sui and fell into the water. He covered his head with mud and fled.Ming Zhu Youstew “yi-yong ci gold” third fold: “short armour light robe can be light, rong saddle small 䩞 red ying.”Barrier mud has a long history of development, with different patterns in different regions and historical periods. For example:This pronunciation comes from Guang Yun.Dedicated to the word “䩞 though”, “Jade chapter · Leather department” : “though, though, saddles.”It’s the pendant or saddle wing underneath the barrier mud.The xiaozhuan writing method of “䩞” is shown as follows :(xiaozhuan writing method of 䩞) 5, 鞈.There are three pronunciations :(1) ge.This is the phonetic version of zhonghua Book Company “Shuo Wen Jie zi” marked pronunciation, the explanation is: “鞈, sweat prevention also.From leather, chorus.”Pictophmetic characters.The original meaning is the breastplate made of leather in ancient times.Here “Khan” should be written “defending” or “defending”, Duan Yucai “Shuo Wen jie zi notes” : “This as so defending also, transliteration seize mistake….Kai Yue: “Today the Hu people are defending their waist.’Zhikai Ben is defending.”Dragon Niche: “鞈, defense.Jade Article says: ‘Weapons.'” Guan Zi · Xiao Kuang “:” Misdemeanor into Yilan Shield, 鞈 leather two halberd.”Yin Zhizhang note: “鞈 leather, heavy leather.Watch out for it, and you can bend the arrow.”He who commits a petty crime must pay his weapon rack, shield, breastplate and two halberds.(leather breastplate) :(1) barrier clay.Wang Jun “say text solution words read · leather ministry” : “wide elegant” : ‘sweat that 鞈.Beginner’s Notes: “The word yan Khan is also used for preventing khan.’Here is the mud cover, which seems to serve as a saddle cloth.”(The barrier mud in the Japanese taihe saddle) (2) strong appearance.”Word · Leather ministry” : “鞈, firm appearance.””Xun zi, discuss soldier”, “Truman shark leather the rhino before thought, 鞈 like stone.”Young and return note: “鞈….The Records of the Grand Historian are ‘as firm as stone’.”The Chu people made their armor from shark skin and xi si skin, which was as hard as metal or stone.(3) Cysts.Leather pockets.”Jade article · Leather ministry” : “鞈, ligulalso.”(2) sǎ.This pronunciation comes from Jiyun.Same as “cloth”.Jiyun rhymes: “Shuowen: ‘Children’s shoes.’or 鞈.”(c) he is a good teacher.This pronunciation comes from Jiyun.13, Your life is one of your.Bing drum sound.Ji Yun Yun: “Thirteen, Shuowen: ‘The drums are also.”Ancient works 鞈.”Xu Hao, “Shuo Wen Jie Zi Note Jian · Ge Bu” : “鞈 is used as drum sound, covering a false meaning.The Drum section is misinterpreted as ancient Wen Er.””Huainan son · bing lout” : “if the sound and ring, if boring and 鞈.””鞈, drums bhai bhai.”The xiaozhuan writing method of “鞈” is shown as follows :(the xiaozhuan writing method of 鞈) (526, some pictures are from the network, the copyright belongs to the original copyright owner)