Physical examination fish lung minister has small nodules, how should you do?

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In recent years, people’s living conditions are getting better and better, and more and more attention is paid to health problems.A lot of people have a problem with their physical exam report: it shows nodules.Most people’s first reaction is: what is a pulmonary nodule?Is it lung cancer?Why don’t you normally react at all?Chen Ning, director of the respiratory Department of guangdong Second Hospital, pointed out that pulmonary nodules need to be highly vigilant, according to the characteristics of nodules, considering the high degree of malignancy can be surgically removed, through pathological examination to determine whether nodules are cancer, decide whether to further treatment.What are pulmonary nodules?According to Chen ning, pulmonary nodules are solid or subsolid lung shadows with a diameter ≤3 cm that are focal, quasi-circular and dense in imaging.It can be isolated or multiple, without atelectasis, hilar lymph node enlargement and pleural effusion.When the local lesion diameter >3 cm is called lung mass.Why does the lung grow nodule?Experts say that when dust is inhaled, dust and lung tissue fight each other, can also form nodules in the lungs;Trauma, scar in the lung, lung nodules can be seen on chest X-ray or CT;People who have had pneumonia or have had tuberculosis in the past also have nodules in their lungs.These are benign nodules.How to determine the nature of pulmonary nodules?The discovery of pulmonary nodules, we are unavoidably worried about lung cancer, eager to be able to eliminate nodules.Chen ning pointed out that early lung cancer may also show lung nodules on chest radiographs or CT scans, which are worrisome because of the uncertain nature of lung nodules.All in all, the probability of benign is much higher than that of malignant.In fact, lung nodules are not the same as lung cancer.According to the causes of pulmonary nodules, pulmonary nodules are known to be benign and malignant.To determine whether pulmonary nodules are benign or malignant, multiple risk factors, genetic progression rate, clinical symptoms, imaging features, and pathological results should be considered.Risk factors: long-term smoking and long-term exposure to second-hand smoke, family history of lung cancer, environmental lampblack, occupational exposure (asbestos, radiation elements, etc.), other lung diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), diffuse pulmonary fibrosis, tuberculosis, etc.If you have the above risk factors, no matter whether you have a series of symptoms such as hemoptysis and weight loss, you should go to the hospital as soon as possible. The doctor will further judge the nature of the nodules according to the lung CT, combining with the density, size and shape of the nodules.Pulmonary nodules need professional doctors with rich experience in radiology, thoracic surgery and respiratory surgery to make comprehensive diagnosis according to the size, density and shape of nodules.Discovered lung nodule how should do?”Pulmonary nodules should be treated calmly, rationally and scientifically.”Chen Ning believes that at present, the diagnosis of pulmonary nodules can be understood through blood routine examination, tumor markers, CT, even MRI, pathological biopsy and other methods.Does that mean that everyone should perfect a set of examinations above when detecting pulmonary nodules?Not so, says Ms Chen.”If you are young, don’t smoke, there is no history of malignancy, and the rules of small nodules, edge, but follow-up, depending on the size of nodules, recommended in 3 ~ 6 months, 9 ~ 12 months and 18 ~ 24 months regular CT examination, follow-up evidence when there is a clear tendency of malignant tumor growth, can consider to non-surgical biopsy and (or) surgery.”Vestbo said.If you have one of the high-risk population conditions, you need to be highly vigilant.”According to the characteristics of nodules, surgical resection can be carried out for those with high malignant degree, and pathological examination can be used to determine whether the nodules are cancer, and further treatment can be decided.The probability of malignancy is medium, considering the possibility of cancer and large nodules, non-surgical biopsy can be performed to clarify the pathological nature;Patients with a low probability of malignancy underwent regular chest ct1-2 times a year to observe the trend of nodules.”