Long vacation, epidemic multi-factor impact, Taiwan blood bank ischemia, fear of affecting surgery after

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During the Spring Festival holiday, many parts of Taiwan are suffering from a blood shortage.The Taipei Blood Donation Center announced today (February 4) that due to a long holiday, the epidemic and cold and rainy weather, the amount of blood donated across the country has dropped sharply. Now there are only 4.1 days left, which is seriously short of the safe stock of 7 days, and the operation and blood consumption will be severely affected by the New Year, and people will be encouraged to donate blood.Liu Junhong, director of the planning department of the Taipei Blood Donation Center, said that the situation this year was even worse than last year, with only 2.8 days remaining for type A and 4.1 days remaining for Type O. However, after the nine-day holiday, the amount of blood received by hospitals around the country had risen one after another, and it was feared that the supply would be in short supply.Because he said, before the end of January, many companies affected by the epidemic spread of variant the dense gram si, start taking shunt to work, have less effect for blood donation activity, plus the weather began to turn cold rain, people go out to donate blood to low, finally met “longest annual leave” nine days after the start of the lunar New Year holiday, Taipei is like “empty city”,Frost the ischemic blood.According to the statistics of Taipei Blood Donation Center, the blood stock is only 4.1 days left today, and the situation of medical blood use is worrying, which is seriously short of the safe stock of 7 days.Last year, the situation was also poor, but under the appeal of obstetrician and gynecologist Shih Ching-chung of National Taiwan University, blood banks were able to recover before the Lunar New Year, but this year the situation is even worse.Liu Junhong said, originally expected New Year’s Eve hope can achieve at least 10 days of storage, but now only 5.5 days, four days short.In the past, 16,000 bags of blood were needed to complete the Taiwan week, liu Junhong said, now the Spring Festival a week, only 5,000 bags of blood, up to 31%, there are still more than 10,000 bags of blood gap.Patients who routinely use blood such as hematology and oncology departments, who are waiting for surgery, and even those who need blood urgently will be affected.The Taipei Blood Donation Center said that in order to provide people with a safe and secure environment to donate blood, it will strengthen the frequency of disinfection in the working environment, implement various epidemic prevention measures, and encourage people to donate blood at all blood donation points to help patients with blood use.(Source: Lin Jing Xian, New media of The Straits Herald)