Jinping County: continue to promote the construction of national storage forest to break out a new way of ecological development

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People’s wellbeing is the foundation for people’s happiness and social harmony.The Document “Opinions of The State Council on Supporting Guizhou to Blaze a New Path in the Development of Western China in the New Era” (State Development No. 2 (2022)) lists persistent efforts to promote ecological civilization construction as one of the seven major tasks, and makes it clear that the project to improve forest quality should be carried out precisely, the construction of national reserve forests should be carried out intensively, and the transformation of inefficient forests should be accelerated.We will prudently explore and carry out trials to optimize and adjust the structure of pure forest species for artificial commodities, and vigorously develop the underforest economy.Spring return to the earth, into the Jinping County spring bud forest farm, greeted by all the mountains, lush, hits the Chinese fir straight and straight, composed of Chinese fir forest, here is the Jinping County national reserve forest construction project base.”You have to see where there is sunlight to the open space is the best place for phoebe growth, the size of the hole is 60 cm long, 60 cm wide, and 40 cm deep.”Jinping County Longli township forestry station engineer Yang Xiupang is jinping County spring bud forest farm in guiding workers to plant nanmu seedlings.It is understood that the construction of national reserve forest is the “upgraded version” of forestry ecological construction, which is not only the interpretation of the concept of “two mountains”, but also of great significance to realize high-quality forestry and boost rural revitalization.”Today, there are more than 100 workers in the forest farm, and they need to complete the planting task of more than 3,000 nanmu seedlings. Before planting seedlings, workers also need to trim branches and wipe leaves to ensure the survival of seedlings.”Standing on the side of the Jinping County national forest project technical instructor Wu Hua introduced to reporters, in-depth development of national reserve forest construction, so that Jinping County forest structure adjustment, forest diversification construction.We should turn the advantages of ecological resources into economic advantages, and clear waters and lush mountains into mountains of gold and silver.Jinping County closely around the “four new” focus on the “four modernization”, with high-quality development as the leadership, focusing on the national forest project construction, forest economic development and other key objectives and tasks, strive to promote the high-quality development of forestry to make new progress, new steps.”After our forest farm implements the construction of national reserve forest, the forest resources of the forest farm can be realized directly, and the future development funds are also more guaranteed.”Kam Screen County spring bud forest field long Wang Lin is full of joy to say.As the nation’s largest village forest farm, spring bud silk screen county forestry once capital turnover difficult dilemma, but since the launch of the construction project since the national forest reserves spring bud silk screen county forestry to seize opportunities, adjust measures to local conditions, revitalize the forest land space, comprehensive improvement of ecological environment and forest quality, improve the ChuLin project development economic benefits.”I have been planting nanmu seedlings here for more than two months, and I get 120 yuan a day, which is also a good income.”Zhao Guangyan, who lives in Ba Piao Village, Enlightenment Town, Jinping County, is planting nanmu seedlings. She comes to work at the spring Bud forest farm in Jinping County every year.National reserve forest construction, the release of green dividend.In addition to the benefits of the masses in the planting work, but also make many old forest farmers through years of afforestation forest land circulation out of direct cash, truly achieve afforestation rich.”The national forest storage policy is really good, I transferred my own forest 60 mu, obtained more than 400,000 yuan.”Shu Yousheng, a villager from Nenzhai Village, Tonggu Town, Jinping County, repeatedly gave a thumbs-up when talking about the dividends brought by the construction of the national reserve forest. He said, “I am too old to take care of the forest, but now the state can also give me a generous profit while taking care of it.”The construction of national reserve forest has made the mountains green, the land alive and the farmers’ pockets bulging.Kam screen county make countries ChuLin trust engineering, quality engineering, enriching people engineering, through set up a special working team, determine the specific implementation main body unit, to form a working group, accurate selected construction units, taking “of point with surface, easy first then difficult, by the collective to the individual” demonstration site selected, with the method of continuous advance of implementation projects.Up to now, Jinping County national forest storage project construction has signed a total of more than 35,000 mu of circulation purchase and storage contract area, cash transfer purchase and storage contract area of more than 34,000 mu, capital of more than 190 million yuan, the implementation of the project of more than 18,000 mu, including the completion of young and middle forest care of more than 12,000 mu, existing forest cultivation of 505,534 mu.”Let the ‘national reserve Forest’ become the ‘rich forest’ for the masses.”Sun Genqin, deputy director of jinping County National Reserve Forest Office, said that next step, Jinping County will combine with the new State development No. 2 document, seize the opportunity of vigorously supporting the development of National reserve forest construction in Guizhou, implement another 200,000 mu, realize the construction of more than 500,000 mu national reserve forest project, comprehensively improve the quality of forest ecology.National reserve forest construction, reserve our future namely.Now kam Ping County more walk more have a head!Declaration: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com