Jin Lei, Secretary of the CPC Deyang Municipal Committee, delivered a congratulatory speech for the 2022 Spring Festival

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On the eve of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Tiger, a traditional Festival of the Chinese nation, Jin Lei, Secretary of the CPC Deyang Municipal Committee, delivered a speech to the people of the city, friends at home and abroad who care about and support the development of Deyang, and comrades who stick to their posts during the festival.Wish our great motherland strong and prosperous!Wish the whole city people happiness and health!Jin Lei, Secretary of the CPC Deyang Municipal Committee (31 January 2022)Taurus with winter, tiger spring.On the occasion of this Spring Festival, ON behalf of the Deyang Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal People’s Congress, the Municipal Government and the Municipal CPPCC, I would like to extend our best wishes for the New Year!Happy New Year to the people of the city and all the friends who care about and support the development of Deyang!Happy New Year everyone!Looking back at the past year, we went through trials and hardships, all the way together, we have paid in this year’s busy, dedication, but also harvest, there are a lot of pictures moving heartstrings, there are a lot of things worth remembering.Over the past year, guided by Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era and under the strong leadership of the CPC Central Committee and provincial Party Committees, we have overcome one difficulty after another and one challenge after another, and achieved higher-quality, more dynamic, more sustainable and more secure development for the people.At the beginning of the “fourteenth Five-year Plan”, Deyang has made a steady first step and delivered qualified new results.Over the past year, we have solemnly celebrated the centenary of the CPC. We have studied and implemented the guiding principles of the sixth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee.We carried out party history study and education, solved a number of urgent problems and worries of people’s concerns, and made another step forward in building a happy and beautiful Deyang.We successfully held the ninth party Congress of the city, opened the province to build the backbone of the new highland, the construction of a modern model city in the west of the new journey.In the days of striving for happiness, every ordinary Deyang people have left their own shadow, from farmer friends in the fields to worker brothers in the production workshop, from archeologists at the excavation site of Sanxingdui to grass-roots cadres in rain or wind, from medical staff at the front line of epidemic prevention to hard-working sanitation workers…All of you have made important contributions to the development of Deyang in different ways.Everyone in Deyang is great, everyone is good!The New Year brings both opportunities and challenges, and is full of new hope.Our party will hold the 20th national Congress, the province will also hold the 12th party congress.The best way to welcome the grand event is to ring and work hard, writing a new glory with new efforts.Under the guidance of the Party flag, we will try our best to achieve the “small vision” of every household, write a new chapter of Deyang’s development with hard work, and make efforts to create a stable and healthy economic environment, a clean and upright political environment, and a peaceful and peaceful social environment for Deyang.We are fully aware that there is still a long way to go before we can be satisfied with our immediate achievements to make our lives better.This year, the long-awaited tianfu avenue north extension line will be built, S11 regional railway line will start construction, faw commercial vehicles, chaozhou three-ring and other key projects completed and put into production and tianfu JingCheng, tianfu valley, speed up the construction will bring more jobs, a batch of old residential area will be loaded on the elevator, a batch of urban green road and street park will be built to use,The beautiful blueprint we have planned is becoming a reality step by step, and every Deyang resident has the opportunity to write his or her own wonderful story on the grand stage of the new era.We believe that as long as we work together and pursue our dreams together, we will surely cultivate a good harvest year.In this reunion moment, there are many firefighters in the post, the public security police in the protection of peace, the Courier in the hard dedication, everyone worked hard!Many people responded to the epidemic prevention call and celebrated the Spring Festival in their own place, thanking everyone for their contribution to the epidemic prevention.This holiday season, please remember to take good personal protection and enjoy a happy, peaceful and safe Spring Festival.Comrades, friends!In Chinese culture, the tiger, as the king of animals, is the embodiment of courage and courage, as well as the symbol of pioneering endeavor. The year of the Tiger is expected by people.I wish you all a happy life and a better and better life in the New Year.Let us together to the future, wish the prosperity of our great motherland!