Is breathtaking!Zhejiang more than 1 year old baby accidentally swallowed this thing…Doctor: Parents should pay attention to these things

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Breathtaking!After more than 20 hours of treatment, the button battery was finally discharged from the body. Zheng Rui, a pediatrician at lishui Central Hospital, told reporters that the incident happened at around 6 am on February 3.At that time, a pair of flustered parents with a 1-year-old girl came into the clinic.According to their account, while the younger daughter was playing at home that afternoon, the older daughter gave her a small flashlight, which she chewed through the casing and swallowed the button battery inside.At the local hospital in Qingyuan, x-rays showed the battery was in the child’s abdomen.So they sent the child overnight to Lishui Central Hospital for medical treatment.Zheng Rui introduction: do not underestimate the button battery to the child’s injury.Because the button battery contains mercury, cadmium and lead and other heavy metals, once entering the esophagus, zinc oxide and silver on its surface react with the proteins of the esophageal mucosa, which will cause digestive tract mucosal erosion and ulcers in light cases, and digestive tract perforation and other life-threatening complications in serious cases.If the child is unlucky enough to swallow the battery, the severity of the symptoms is proportional to how long the button battery stays in the body.”In such cases, surgery is usually ordered immediately to remove the battery to avoid more serious consequences.”According to the doctor, the baby did not appear obvious discomfort symptoms and was in a good state at that time, so her parents requested conservative treatment.”Also, subsequent X-rays showed that the button battery had been moving towards the anus.”So doctors gave the patient oral honey and olive oil to help drain the battery as quickly as possible.Yesterday morning, the good news finally came, the swallowed button battery was discharged.At the same time, doctors also remind the majority of parents, children accidentally swallow button batteries, magnetic beads and other items, great harm to the digestive tract, parents usually must pay attention to let children away from these items.If your child accidentally swallows, be sure to get medical attention immediately.Children’s safety can not ignore the family with children must pay attention to details hidden big hidden trouble source: The state Evening News on duty editor: Nicole statement: this article copyright is owned by the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will be timely processing.Email address: