Huoshan County vocational school training base field level project started

2022-05-10 0 By

In the morning of February 14th, huoshan Mining Company was responsible for the implementation of the Huoshan Vocational School on industry entrepreneurship, industry and education integration and sharing training base project, and the field level project officially started.The project is a county key project, located in Gaoqiaowan Village, Hengshan Town, field level area of 302.67 mu, the average elevation of 79.8 meters, the total excavation volume of about 4.278 million square meters, the project construction unit for qinhuangdao Municipal Construction Group Co., Ltd. and Anhui Anli Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. formed the commonwealth.On the first day of construction, trees and surface soil were cleared, boundary lines were measured and lofted, and the first explosion point was determined. Machinery and personnel were deployed reasonably, and the construction process was orderly.The project will produce about 3.71 million cubic meters of stone, which will be an important source of raw materials for the company’s stone production in 2022.The mining company will actively fulfill the responsibility of the owner and urge the construction unit to speed up the progress of the project under the premise of implementing various safety measures to ensure the completion of the site leveling task on time and in good quality and quantity.Source: Dabie Mountain International Investment Group