How to maintain a relaxed state of practicing calligraphy

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A good hand is good for life.To write good handwriting, one must maintain correct posture.For proper posture, only relax.What does that mean?How do children practice and maintain this relaxed state?How to maintain a relaxed state of practicing calligraphy?If you want to write a good character, only by mastering certain methods and skills can you get twice the result with half the effort.So, the way you write is important, and it’s backed by science.Relax, for example, people should be relatively speaking, sit in a dignified posture.Because this is a kind of respect for the character, we say sit like a clock.He had a good habit of sitting modestly and cultivating his mind.Correct writing posture makes a big difference to a child.Of course, when you are writing, the body must be slightly forward, can not sit well!He’s going to lean forward, so his arms are at a 45 degree Angle on the table.Holding the paper gently in the left hand and the pen gently in the right hand, presenting a relaxed state.How to hold a pen for writing?What about the shoulders?You need to relax and not lose your nerve.Legs and feet, especially feet, should pay attention to the foot on the ground, basically parallel to the shoulder, the same width of such a state.How about this one?It’s called sitting modestly and writing with ease.Keep your body away from the table. Keep your body away from the table.It’s easier.If you squint and write like this, you’ll probably write slanted.Is this the right way to write?It is not difficult to write beautiful Chinese characters, as long as we master the right posture, keep relaxed, practice writing by heart will always succeed.Let’s walk into the art world of Chinese calligraphy, and freely splash ink!