Gravity UNI-T is currently sold in changan High-end series

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Shortly after changan said it would launch a high-end product line, it officially unveiled its high-end gravity (UNI) and its first model uni-T.Uni-t was launched on June 21. Thanks to its high-tech and futuristic design, the latest 1.5T engine with 40% thermal efficiency, advanced intelligence technology and excellent ride quality, uni-T has become an instant hit, with sales reaching the 10,000-car club in August.In addition to the excellent fuel economy of 1.5T and extremely intelligent technology, we were impressed with the noise control of uni-T in terms of driving quality. Even cruising at 120km/h on the motorway, uni-T was very quiet inside.Beyond many of the same SUV models.We’ve always wondered how Chang ‘an did it?And today, we finally got our answer.On September 16, changan in the domestic first carry on three sides by the microphone array, is one of the world’s most advanced acoustic measurement equipment of China of bari acoustic wind tunnel test, aerodynamic – open to all consumers in the form of live online for UNI – T wind live test and interpret a UNI for everybody – T is how to achieve low wind noise performance.It can be seen from the results that the automobile styling design is the core reason that affects the wind noise inside the automobile.Generally speaking, the more square shape of the body in the process of driving the air through the body of the greater resistance, because of the greater the wind noise generated, such as the Wrangler, Mercedes G, such as the square hard SUV, the wind noise is greater than the general car and city SUV.Unit adopts a streamlined “pure surface” design concept, which eliminates the complex lines of the body. The whole body is simple and smooth, and the hidden door handle allows the air to pass through smoothly and quickly, laying a solid foundation for wind and noise control.At the same time in the details, the designer has made a lot of optimization.Through the optimization of the rearview mirror, for example, only to wind noise optimization of rearview mirror, it involves multiple departments such as modelling, regulations, CAE and product, modelling is good-looking, view whether meet the requirements of laws and regulations, finally can adjust the wind noise, need coordination and cooperation with multiple departments, a minor changes need to be behind the joint efforts of countless people.Through the optimization of the rearview mirror, the total sound pressure level at the driver’s ear is reduced by 0.3dB (A), which is sufficient to show the technical strength of CHANG ‘an CFD.In UNI-T, such numerous details of optimization, each 0.3dB (A), add up to A qualitative change.One of uni-T’s signature designs, the uni-T’s powerful, distinctive tail was also a challenge for the CFD team.After all, from an aerodynamic point of view, because of the hollow design of the rear wing, the airflow from the roof will hit the rear window through the holes and v-shaped channels, creating a large wind noise.The first time D saw the design, the CFD team held an emergency meeting, repeatedly demonstrated the feasibility and risks, and invoked 4000 core simulation resources, which exceeded 1 million CPU hours.A high-performance PC processor on the market requires more than 12 years of uninterrupted computing, while a 4,000-core HPC server compresses the entire computing cycle to 20 days.More than 60 optimization schemes were calculated before and after, and more than 20 effective schemes were found, which greatly reduced the wind noise generated by the tail wing.As you can see, the uni-T achieved good wind noise test results even at 120 km/h due to the constant adjustment and optimization of the engineers.In the latest automobile consumer survey, consumers’ complaints about wind noise ranked TOP5, which has become one of the most unsatisfactory problems of automobile users.Wind noise is not only wide in frequency band, but also high in intensity. It is easy to make passengers feel agitated and tired, and it will endanger driving safety if it is affected by wind noise for a long time.Uni-t’s excellent wind and noise control not only embodies the wisdom of uni-T’s design team and engineers, but also reflects Changan’s relentless pursuit to create the ultimate product power to provide consumers with a more comfortable and perfect driving experience. It is only natural that such products sell well.The event runs from February 4, 2022 to February 4, 2022