Elementary school composition | Suzhou gardens, the young author according to the extended reading about, I do not know whether accurate

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Pupil composition | suzhou gardens author: Yang Zi and as the saying goes: “above there is heaven and below there are suzhou and hangzhou.””Hang” means Hangzhou, which is, of course, well known.So what does “Sue” mean?Ah, good question. Today, let’s talk about the unique charm of Suzhou gardens.Suzhou gardens have a long history.Let’s just say it predates the Terra-cotta Warriors by nearly hundreds of years.In history can be traced back to the sixth century BC, is the private garden of the king of the State of Wu at that time, gave himself a powerful and domineous title – the first in wu.It can be seen that the beauty of Suzhou gardens is unique.The classical garden complex in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, was inscribed on the World Cultural Heritage List in 1997.At its peak, Suzhou had 280 private gardens and courtyards.It has to be said that the suzhou garden buildings have been included in the World Cultural Heritage list, that is well deserved, is not a wave of false reputation.Well, having said so much, let’s talk about the beauty of Suzhou gardens.It is famous for the humble Administrator’s Garden, The Master of nets Garden, the Lingering Garden, the Canglang Pavilion and so on. It concentrates the architectural essence of jiangnan gardens and integrates the architectural styles of the Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties.There were forests and bamboo trees everywhere, green water interspersed between every garden, lotus fragrance floated ten miles, overflowed the lake, the birds that lived there sang, and towering towers stood on the flat ground.Such beautiful scenery, how can not make a person enchanted?”Rivers and mountains await, flowers and willow are more selfless.”The Chinese culture is extensive and profound, and the wisdom of ancient Chinese people is boundless.Suzhou gardens, let us infatuated.Harmonious home comments: this is a small composition of the fifth grade.It is not hard to see that he did a lot of extensive reading in writing this article, and then used his own language to describe the history and scenery of Suzhou gardens, to show the long and beautiful suzhou gardens.If the composition expression is not accurate, hope friends help correct.