“Smart money” continued to buy motherboard weight stocks, a retaliatory rebound is on the way!

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Home of finance and Economics, many years of stock, futures investment experience, trend trader, respect from the fundamentals of cattle gene discovery, focus on the market’s main line of varieties main wave.Market review: January 25 Tuesday, the morning of the a-share three major indexes collective low open, then showed A unilateral downward trend, The Shanghai Stock index down through the 3500 point mark, gem index fell more than 1%, retreated near 3000 points.Near midday, the two cities concussion higher, each major index decline were slightly narrowed.By the close, the Shanghai Index was down 1.12 percent at 3,484.8 points, the Shenzhen Component index was down 1.17 percent at 13,916.72 points and the Growth Enterprise Index fell 1.08 percent to 3,023.47 points.Market technical analysis: Tuesday’s three major stock indexes closed a negative line.Among them, Shanghai main board low open 14 points at 3509.28 points, gem is low open 20 points at 3035.82 points, then quickly down, directly breakdown of 3500 points integer mark support, at one point to the low 3479.85 points and then pulled up, closed at 3484.8 points.Industry sector analysis: Tuesday’s aviation airport, precious metals, aerospace, tourism hotels, shipbuilding and other sectors in the forefront of the gainers.And communications services, culture and media, professional services, games, coal industry and other sectors in the forefront of the drop list.Capital flow: by the close of trading, the total net outflow of northbound funds was 2.886 billion yuan, among which, the net outflow of Shanghai stock connect was 1.383 billion yuan, and the net outflow of Shenzhen stock Connect was 1.503 billion yuan.It can be seen that smart money ended the trend of returning for seven consecutive trading days, indicating that there is some concern about the uncertainty of geopolitical conflicts.The two markets can perform: the morning of the 25th two markets a total of 573.9 billion yuan, and on the 24th the same period of the two markets a total of 636.5 billion yuan compared to a small contraction, it is expected that the entire day of the two markets will continue to maintain the level of less than 100 million yuan.Thus, in the face of this weak market, many people chose to stay away from the market.Market outlook: from Tuesday’s market trend, low open low, fast downward trend.Major index of green across the board, each big hot plate almost none survived, however, in the index, an exodus major varieties was relatively limited, after all, after the wave at the beginning of continuous adjustment, the varieties of share price has halved, and index did not how to fall, today this adjustment can be seen as index of a fall,After all, the continuous killing after the stock price can not support such a high index point, return to a reasonable range, will be conducive to starting from the starting line again.Although intelligent capital and major capital outflows, both look very scary, but the performance of the whole market is not so bad, is mainly because the mainboard “elder brother” guizhou maotai in stubbornly), basic it is keep running over the New Year quotation, especially the recent smart money is continuing to add liquor warehouse stocks, among them, 9 consecutive net purchase of guizhou maotai,Accumulated net purchase of 2.854 billion yuan, three consecutive days of net purchase of Wuliangye, a cumulative net purchase of 425 million yuan;In addition, also continued to increase the position of large financial stocks, six consecutive days of net buying China Merchants Bank, the cumulative net purchase of 5.961 billion yuan, which means that after the institutional violence position swap, the bottom structure has become clearer.Therefore, money brother thinks as “smart money” continue to buy motherboard weight stocks, a retaliatory rebound or has been on the way.Stock # #