People’s Daily online commented “Police were kicked out for eating lunch boxes in front of Starbucks” Starbucks please take back your arrogance

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Figure source Guangming network China well-off network February 15 news
Recently, the Internet spread that “police were evicted from eating lunch boxes outside Starbucks stores”, causing a hot public debate.In response, Starbucks said: “We apologize for the miscommunication caused by inappropriate language between our store partner and the police officer involved in the seating coordination.However, there is no “drive police” and “complaint police” in the process of the event.Starbucks China has issued a statement apologizing to a chongqing police officer for allegedly evicting a starbucks employee who complained about eating boxed lunch on The evening of February 14.The full text of starbucks’ statement reads: “After checking and learning about the ciqikou Starbucks store in Chongqing, which was circulated online, the facts are as follows: At around 5pm on February 13, four police officers came to the store and were arranged to have dinner in the outdoor customer area.Later, there were other customers who wanted to have dinner in the outdoor dining area, and there was a misunderstanding in the communication between the store partner and the police officer due to inappropriate words when coordinating the seating. We apologize for this.However, there is no “drive police” and “complaint police” in the process of the event.Starbucks has always been committed to taking root and serving communities. Its stores have been in good communication with local police and have received strong support from the police.As always, Starbucks welcomes every customer.”On February 13, weibo users said police officers in Chongqing were expelled from starbucks and complained.”Today, I was on duty to have dinner in front of the Starbucks next to the Ciqikou Tourist Center. When the starbucks staff saw us half eaten, they asked us if we could eat somewhere else.This will affect our brand image. I don’t know what level of public security can match this high quality Starbucks.”Starbucks, please take back your arrogance.Starbucks is once again in the crosshairs.A Starbucks store in Chongqing, China, expelled a police officer for eating in front of the store, claiming that the incident affected its brand image, according to Internet users, according to reports.Starbucks customer service said it is checking with relevant stores and will take disciplinary action against employees if the case is found to be true.What a strange thing!Police on duty eat box lunch at the door of the store, and arbitrarily drive away, who gives the power?Disaffection drives not satisfactory, but also complains the police, who gives the confidence?If that were true, starbucks would be the one to complain about.I hope this is a misunderstanding.Whichever way you look at it, starbucks has no reason or need to evict the police.Even if the police inadvertently occupied the seats of Starbucks, affecting customers’ meals, the staff reminded them that why to drive them away?As for the complaint, it deviates from human sense and is purely “provocation”.Police are on duty and fulfill their duties with high labor intensity and long working hours. They are often unable to have meals on time and have no fixed place to have meals. Most of them make do with one meal at a time.Civilian police should be treated with basic respect, not discrimination.To a certain extent, Starbucks is also a beneficiary of the police’s duty. It is too late to thank the police. Why the rude remarks?Police officers serve the public and serve the public interest. People, including starbucks employees, provide “service” to them and release goodwill. Isn’t it right?The police cleaned the table before leaving, leaving no garbage behind, the report said.This also shows that the police are self-restraint, is also literate, the Starbucks staff who rough police should not be ashamed?Of course, there’s no need to overemphasize Starbucks as a foreign company.Drive police this kind of practice, happen in domestic enterprise body also inexcusable.The reason is simple: anyone who harms people who serve the public, violates public order and good customs, or offends public feelings, cannot escape public condemnation.(China Xiaokang network integrated CCTV network, Guangming network, Xiaoxiang Morning Post, People’s Daily Online)