“I sweep you” to “you sweep me”!This “reverse operation” is awesome!

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“Hello, please sweep code” “I this mobile phone sweep not, you see the government to send me this card, you can sweep me?””No problem, shows you are a green code, please enter” after a brief conversation with epidemic prevention personnel qiqihaer city in heilongjiang province mei rhys daur district 88 – year – old residents Qiu Yushan smoothly into the supermarket shopping Qiu Yushan use of smart phones every time before going into the supermarket staff to detailed registration name, address, phone number and id number “sometimes people lining up registration,Standing for a long time still pretty frozen people with this card will convenient which is too much to somebody else and I “Qiu Yushan said in epidemic prevention and control of many old people like Qiu Yushan without smartphones often to inconvenience in the face of the” code “to break the old scan code problem mei rhys daur district through docking with the Ministry of Public Security and epidemic prevention big data using digital technology to generate no smartphone personnelQr code and fabrication issue at present, the local has issued more than 6000 pieces of qr code CARDS for the use of more than 60 people in the near future will also be added to issue more than 9000 qr code card for the elderly, students and other groups to use “I sweep you” into “you sweep me” small change is convenient for the people and make epidemic prevention accurate efficient source: People’s Daily