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There was so much rain last year that a piece of the wall of my yard fell down.I want to take advantage of the Spring Festival, around the neighbors are free, help me repair.Call fat man first.He used to pick up children in Hengshui, but now he says, “I’m in my hometown. I want to sell the stick. Please come back.”So he rode back.At the beginning of the village, the villagers stood in the street, chatting, walking, standing silently, or playing cards and chess.Nowadays, apart from cooking and eating, there is no housework to do.I’ll say a quick hello and get back to work.Did not enter the door, see the fat man has climbed the wall, is looking at it.”I’ll get some plastic sheeting and put it on top of the wall and put bricks on it to keep out the rain,” he said.The walls of my house are 40, 50 years old.I also looked, said, “I grew up in this courtyard, and often go home.Look at him. He’s broken. He’s uncomfortable.”Villagers came together, some to help, some to watch, one or two hours, fixed.Before dinner, I went to see the east neighbor in the installation of floor heating, people are very busy.Then turn to the street and say hello to the villagers.After a tour of the small streets of the village, he went back to the fat man’s house to drink, eat and talk.I have the habit of lunch break, was asleep, listen to someone outside, climb up to see, a truck parked at the gate, someone pushing a car in and out.Oh, here comes the man who bought the stick.’He said.’ You can rest. I don’t need your help.A few buyers filled a cart with big shovels and pushed it under the truck.There was a sloping track behind the truck.As soon as the car stopped, there was a bayonet on the track, which stuck the car. As soon as the switch was pressed, the motor rang and pushed the full car corn ears to the top of the car, and then turned over and poured into the car.After a while, it was full.The village has ground pump, a weighing, remove the original weight of the car, more than ten thousand pounds.At $1.07 per catty, it can be sold for over 10,000 yuan.Sold two cars, 30 thousand jin, 30 thousand yuan.At half past four, I went home by bike.To the north of Sunwa village, I saw a machine running through the desolate fields, returning to work, crushing and packaging corn stalks scattered or dumped on the ground, and selling them as fodder for cattle.Last autumn, there was heavy rain. In the west of Hengshui, dozens of miles of land were soaked with water, so it was impossible to plant wheat.The farmer brothers only in the muddy water, took away the corn, straw also left.When the feed was sold this spring, whether it could make up for the loss is unknown.Back to the city, check out the trip, 40 miles round trip.February 11, 2022