At noon today, the two expressways in Fujian were opened to traffic.

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Southeast network January 28 – (Fujian Daily · new Fujian client reporter Chu Bai Shan) at noon today, Fujian has 2 expressways open to traffic!They are: Xiamongrong expressway Longyan east connection line, it connects longyan urban trunk road network, connecting zhengyong expressway and Xiamongrong expressway, people in and out of the city more quickly, north-south transit vehicles are more efficient and smooth.Zhangwu-longyan Yongding section of the highway, open to traffic, along the Yongding District Gaotou Town, Daxi township and other people can direct through the highway, tourists to the Yongding tulou tourism will be more convenient.During the Spring Festival holiday, the province’s highways continue to be toll-free for small passenger cars, and these two highways are also exempt from the scope.There is also good news for urban transport.During the Spring Festival, fuzhou metro will shorten the minimum interval between trains during rush hours to 4 minutes and 50 seconds, and extend the last return train from 23:00 to 23:30 during rush hours, lei Wenzhong, deputy director of the provincial transportation department, said at a press conference held this morning.Xiamen bus, BRT, subway and Wuyi tram also offer free rides.