Winter Olympics 109 gold dust settled, The Chinese army rewrite history lock three a, the Olympic pattern changes

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Beijing (Reuters) – China won nine gold, four silver, and two bronze MEDALS at the Beijing Winter Olympics, drawing the attention of fans around the world.Beijing Winter Olympics usher in the last competition day, has decided five gold MEDALS;Austria performed flawlessly, beating challengers to clinch the mixed alpine team title.The British team became the biggest winner in curling. They swept the Japanese women’s team 10:3 and secured the championship strongly. At the same time, they won the men’s team runner-up.There was no surprise in the four-man bobsled, and the Two German pairs performed strongly to lock the gold medal and the second place with 12 gold MEDALS.In the women’s 30km collective start final of cross-country skiing, Norway was the only winner. After half of the race, It was 1 minute ahead of the second place of the United States, showing its super competitive state and strength and securing the champion as expected.Norway secured the top spot with 16 gold MEDALS.The men’s ice hockey final, between The Russian Olympic committee and Finland, will not affect the final medal tally.Before the competition, the Russian Olympic team ranked ninth with six gold, 11 silver and 14 bronze MEDALS.Finland has just one gold medal.At this point, Beijing Winter Olympics officially declared the end, 109 gold dust settled, flower fell 20;The number of medal winning teams reached 27;The Chinese team changed the history of the Ice and Snow Olympics by becoming the true first winner, making new history with nine gold MEDALS to rank among the top three.At the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, the Chinese team won only one gold medal.Before the Games began, foreign media predicted that China would win six gold MEDALS.The result exceeded the expectation of the whole world. The Chinese team played perfectly in the free skating competition and won four gold MEDALS successively, and at the same time locked one gold medal of snowboard.Short track speed skating and speed skating did not disappoint either, winning two and one gold MEDALS.Pairs skating finally got what they wanted, sui Wenjing/Han Cong took back the long-lost champion after four years of sword grinding.Finally, the Chinese team won nine gold MEDALS, four silver MEDALS and two bronze MEDALS with incredible performance, ranking the third, one gold medal ahead of the United States, Sweden and the Netherlands and other ice and snow powers, letting the world see the bright future of China’s ice and snow.The top eight teams in the medal table were Norway, Germany, China, the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland.The Chinese team rose eight levels in a row, locking the top three smoothly, rewriting the world ice and snow development pattern.