The big reversal!Wang submitted 11 pieces of evidence, and Li could face up to six months of criminal punishment

2022-05-08 0 By

Wang Lee-hom and Li Lianglei’s divorce case caused a sensation on the Internet at the end of last year. Since Li’s essay was published, public opinion has been directed at Wang.As a result, Wang’s career suffered and he chose to temporarily retire from the entertainment industry.Throughout the divorce, Li Lianglei around the two people living in the house and the child custody, claiming that Wang Leehom repeatedly derailed, also involved in by2 members of Sun Yu, but there is no strong evidence of hammer, the matter is nothing.Recently, wang Lee-hom’s divorce case has made new progress. According to the court process in New York, Li Lianglei did not abide by the agreement she signed and did not provide any evidence to the court, while Wang Lee-hom submitted 11 pieces of evidence. The law requires evidence.Wang asked the court to rule against Li jinglei because she had not complied with the custody agreement and the property distribution judgment.After the couple divorced, they signed an agreement giving Leehom the right to visit their two children as long as they both agreed, and they shared custody of the children, not just Li.But Li Liang Lei refused wang’s visit, but also under the excuse of wang Lee-hom’s threat to lock the door not to allow Wang to enter the house.According to the news, there have been a lot of lawyers to join Wang Lee-hom’s legal team, good at parental visitation rights, parents fair distribution of custody rights, etc., in terms of capital, Li Lianglei will never rival Wang Lee-hom, this lawsuit, Li Lianglei is very likely to lose.Wang Lee-hom was questioned originally, but now the pressure to Li Liang Lei side, things again appeared a big reversal!If Li’s side insists on providing no evidence, she could be sentenced to up to six months in prison or fined.The next court date is March 4, and if Li can provide evidence of wang’s infidelity during that time, she will win the case.What is shocking is that what is shown in the divorce proceedings is the marital dispute, that is, the two people have not completed the divorce, one party has not agreed to the divorce conditions, and the person who does not agree to divorce, is Li Lianglei.It can be seen that Wang Leehom did not meet the conditions of Li Lianglei’s divorce, and the distribution of the house and property did not reach an agreement.Li Liang Lei questioned the truth of Wang Lee Hom’s infidelity is worth doubting, the real purpose of the divorce is more speculation.Before the result of the trial in March, it is impossible to determine who is right and who is wrong, but Li Lianglei took advantage of public opinion to pressure Wang Leehom, causing a serious blow to his career, is bound to be severely punished, their decline a little benefit, there may be a huge fine.But without a job, no property, the custody of the children to wang Leehom’s hands, Li Lianglei this can be described as a lost wife and a broken soldier.