“Provincial test express” steady in the “change”!Here comes the focus of the 2022 provincial examination

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2022 in sichuan province on line measuring sentiment analysis 01 common sense 2022 sichuan common sense test module of than what can we learn from the specific test situation in 2022 examination paper: first, political module current politics, philosophy and history of the communist party of China, common sense and the comprehensive analysis of total have 4 questions, politics and history of the communist party of China takes 2 each way, make up about a quarter more than common sense.Second, the number of questions in the history and humanities module increased, especially four questions in humanities module.There are 5 questions in total, accounting for 1/3 of the general knowledge module.Third, the science and technology module mainly focuses on the two parts of physics and geographical conditions, with a total of 4 courses.Examinees also need to pay attention to.More than a quarter of common sense.I believe that through our general knowledge and comprehensive analysis of the sichuan province test of the overall depth of the analysis, can be for the next year to prepare for the Sichuan Province test partners to provide a reference on learning.Finally, huatu online wishes those participating in the 2022 Sichuan Provincial examination a successful landing!According to netizens’ recollection, this year’s Sichuan provincial examination modules are the same as previous years, including the number of questions is still 10.In view of the previous provincial examination in the first half of the year is also 10 math operations, it can be seen that the number of questions is still not the main scoring module, but can not be ignored.Another trend is that among the 10 questions in the quantitative relation module, the difficulty of mathematical operations has been steadily reduced.Mathematics operation key questions are based on basic word problems and simple questions.The specific question type distribution is as follows:Quantitative relationship between the 2022 sichuan topic distribution questions in 2022 compared to 2021 basic application 21 engineering problems and economic profit 1 trip geometry problems 22 class 11 solution permutation and combination problem 1 probability question 2 series and the average 1 time issue 11 most value problem for a total of 1010 1 can be found through the above form,The number of questions in the first half of 2022 Sichuan Provincial examination is stable and new. Traditional high-frequency questions such as basic application questions, engineering questions, scheduling questions, geometry questions, etc., are examined. In addition, the difficult permutation and combination questions and probability questions are downplayed.The decreasing difficulty of the quantitative relation module is the general trend this year. Candidates should not abandon the module completely, but should try to get as many points as possible in the limited time.Data analysis this module examined 3 materials and 15 topics this year, involving simple calculation and comparison, calculation of base period quantity difference, current quantity, calculation and comparison of growth rate, specific gravity, mixture of average and multiple, and comprehensive analysis.32 Base period quantity and current period quantity 22 Growth rate correlation 43 Growth amount correlation 1 Proportion correlation 13 Average 1 multiple 1 Other types 1 Comprehensive analysis 33 Total 152022 Sichuan Province Examination continues the thesis trend of 2021,Data analysis is still three pieces, a total of 15 questions, mainly containing text, tables or graphs of comprehensive materials.Look from the difficulty, in sichuan in 2022 test data analysis of the topic the difficulty is not high, the topic involves the comprehensive, simple calculation and comparison questions three items, the growth rate of questions there are 4 items, accounts for the topic quantity is larger, the two individual topic need to use good skills fast problem solving, this also is to remind each examinee, in the process of preparation, must fully grasp the examination site,At the same time, it can be used flexibly, so as to quickly do the right questions in the exam.04 Judgment reasoning the first kind of question type: graphic reasoning this Sichuan questions, graphic reasoning part of the total number of examination questions 6;The first question is a paragraph of the form of examination, mainly examine the number of lines of the examination point, relatively simple, certainly can not have problems at the beginning, direct number of lines, you can get the correct answer;The second question is still a paragraph form, graphics are composed of black and white ball, first to determine the test point, we usually learned, black and white ball, may examine the position class, style class, or attribute class or quantity class.But the figure of black and white ball composition number is the same, the more novel way and double 叒 yi to us.You wouldn’t have thought of it without a foundation.The third question in the form of a paragraph, the composition of the graph is different, but we talked about before, such as “day”, “a ball of line” and other features of a stroke graphics appear, directly to locate a stroke of the graph, the problem can be drawn in a stroke.The last three graphic questions, there are anti-conventional examination points, that is to say, Sichuan also out of a plane of a kind of topic and a three-dimensional topic.Want to know, general and jiangsu, guangdong and other provinces will fall in love with this kind of test, but the sichuan examines the topic, also is very man, is also a reference to the proposition that don’t save trends in future graphic examination questions, probably also will often love in other provinces, so need to students mastering other graphics class examination site, the examination room to cope.The second kind of question type: definition judgment definition judgment part of the total number of test questions 9, of which 7 single definition, more than 2 definition.The test questions are not difficult, so we can quickly lock the correct answers by grasping the key information and some key words and subjects we have talked about in class.The third kind of question type: analogical reasoning analogical reasoning part of the total examination of the number of 5 questions, two of them are fill-in-the blank form of the question, respectively examine the corresponding relationship in the connotation of the relationship and the extension of the cross relationship.The other two questions are three-word type, which are the examination of the corresponding combination of the bias and connotation relations in grammatical relations, and the examination of the inclusive relations in the extension relations.Only one is a two-word type, which mainly examines the antisense relations in semantic relations.However, both the form of the topic and the examination of the test point are in the rules.The fourth kind of question type: logical judgment logical judgment part of the total number of questions 10, respectively examine parallel structure 1, weaken the argument 3, strengthen the argument 3, translation reasoning 1, analytical reasoning 2.According to the amount of this question can be seen in the provincial examination of the topic of the demonstration topic examination frequency is very high, I do not know whether we fully grasp the knowledge of this part of the test preparation.In a word, although the judgment and reasoning part of the examination of only 30 questions, but still occupy half of the whole line test.Judgment and reasoning is a module that requires us to master the basic knowledge steadily. Only by mastering the basic knowledge firmly can we truly realize the flexibility and strain in the examination room.