Monthly per capita not less than 630 yuan, 420 yuan!Subsistence allowances for urban and rural residents in Henan province were raised again

2022-05-08 0 By

On February 18, the Civil Affairs Department of Henan Province and the Finance Department of Henan Province jointly issued a notice on raising the minimum Standard of Living security, The Level of financial subsidies and the Standard of Living Support for the Extremely poor in 2022, again raising the standard of living security for urban and rural residents and the extremely poor.According to the circular, the monthly subsistence allowance standard for urban and rural residents has been raised from no less than 590 yuan and 377 yuan to no less than 630 yuan and 420 yuan, an increase of 6.8 percent and 11.4 percent respectively.The basic standard of living of people living in extreme poverty is no less than 1.3 times that of local subsistence allowances, benefiting 3.74 million urban and rural subsistence allowance recipients and people living in extreme poverty.The new level of government subsidies and standards will come into effect on January 1, 2022, and all urban and rural subsistence allowances and assistance funds for people living in extreme poverty will be paid on a monthly basis.It is understood that the bid raising is on the basis of the bid raising last September, the relief and security standards for people in need have been raised again.According to the latest standards, in 2022, the subsistence allowance for rural residents in Henan reached 5,040 yuan per person per year, an increase of 11.4%. This effectively alleviated the double impact of disasters and epidemics on the basic living standards of people in need, further consolidated the achievements of poverty alleviation, and ensured the basic livelihood of the people.(Source: Henan Daily)