Li Huaichen meticulous lotus (with line drawings) learning copying necessary, light outfit beautiful, lovely

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Li Huaichen, born in 1972 in Zibo, Shandong province, professional painter, artist of Hebei Contemporary Painting and Calligraphy Academy, member of Cross-Straits Cultural Exchange Association, member of Shandong Zibo Art Association, contemporary famous fine brush painter.He is good at meticulous flower-and-bird painting. In order to study and inherit the traditional meticulous painting style, he has been to Heze, Luoyang and other places to paint peony, lotus, insects and birds.Lotus is an important theme of flower-and-bird painting. It is “straight from the middle to the outside, neither trailing nor spreading. Its character of being unstained from mud has always been praised by the world, and it is also one of the themes of poets and painters.Huai-chen li, a man of claborate-style painting almost obsessed, he like one day a few years with great concentration on the study of traditional Chinese realistic painting peony, lotus and creation, not only has its own unique art of traditional HuaLi and comprehension, and inheriting the traditional claborate-style painting painting techniques, in the painting study of long-term formed its own unique artistic style.Li Huaichen’s flowers are as if the beauty of the buxom glamorous, temperament extraordinary;Some are like small jasper like light outfit beautiful, lovely and moving.View of all have to look back at a smile of beauty of the tender shame of love arises spontaneously, and unforgettable heart.In fact, when each of us faces the works of the painter, all the languages seem to become redundant, and there is only a tacit understanding and communication through the works.