Joey Wong and Charlene Choi are in love!”Terminally ill” short boy continue amorous, with crush object do “one-day lovers”

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Recent brigade turned over the mainland and the development of sing a song by a lot of mess by rumors of words they throw jia xin for BB with senior had a quarrel and said his force Gigi school career and he himself was a on a few reason? Bored with a throw with brothers and sisters live class in addition to drink diet food holidays zhong, don’t forget to pay attention to the mainland outbreak positive contributions do good to add two days before his tsui with charlene choi starred in the movie only”In our Day” on static chicken chicken suddenly official announced that a rare encounter a lot of “2” days online fine Wang Zulan once again incarnate “love” with the youth invincible SA staged “a day of lovers” to see the play, camping, car tour, sun sunrise……It is so common that everyone will feel that there is no look at it, but the original zulan people set this time with more than ten years ago, “affectionate short boy” completely different from the previous, he had no reason and much gold for “flirty girl boy” and raw ice cream, cooking boy……Are only on what the women laugh no soul and now time face blue “Mosaic” in cantonese will unfortunately suffer from “frozen” as a cartoonist and he will because this disease is cursive lay well stability for before the last of the memory to themselves a good arrangement before first so do a work a special “date” and actress charlene choi in recent years, although many flip through the variety shows give everyone double joy image but see they nearly a few laughsYears starring film “cockiness ripe female”, “SAN jose murder” forgive him 77 times “and so on all play but the heart is dark, or” being cheated and miserable mood “role” cockiness ripe female “” SAN jose murder” “forgive him 77 times,” he taps buried them blue and now times movie from the notice date to see two men and a day to sing the song wang and blow the birthday cake is again a few cure warm ohAll of a sudden, the film has been officially announced to be released before the release date.Even the leading actor himself didn’t let out the secret. Looking at his official account, he found out that Zulan had brought Asa to the closing ceremony of hainan International Film Festival two years ago.Posted paper line once para red carpet before the film called “give me 1 day to add” very resistant to the closet and renaming although don’t know the middle experienced baa in accordance with the said finally out of the street, everyone is looking forward to when the most “2” the ð ® ¶? Will you go to see a day see department qualified “one day” but have a lot of “love” and the movie MORE entertainment group photo to watch today well, forget the snowRecently all things get well to ice mound mound netizens are hanging while only with beside the ice mound mound stickers and let melting snow looked at static cock then approaches “ceng” group photo a week with new songs sung games are Beijing Olympic curling the playing field in weeks deep new song lyrics “star fish” sounded dowa courage, struggle struggle spirit of the games are good fit small sponge five years old began to learn ski AngelaJustin asked: “Are you good at that?”Baby said: “Slippery better than Yu Shuxin!”Show the expression of prideGuo Wei * the pictures, all peer originator if involving infringement please contact, delete immediately scan the qr code below to subscribe to coke’s life shop later pavilion China post small post office ▼ > > > details of one get coke to Yang cheng evening news newspaper media group, good life of coke life Color, guide to the body to build exclusive guangzhou people beer and skittles,Tide vane information.