I dare say this is the most beautiful student in Tsinghua university!Not to argue

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“The weather was beautiful, the sun was shining, and it was a beautiful morning to hear the birds and see the campus.”In August 2018, 26-year-old Jiang Mengnan entered Tsinghua University and started a new and exciting life.It was on campus that she heard the cuckoo for the first time.If the sound is compared to color, jiang Mengnan’s world before was gray, with sound, the world began to become rich and colorful.After becoming deaf due to drugs at the age of half a year, jiang learned lip language to communicate with people. He overcame various difficulties to be admitted to Jilin University and completed all the courses for his undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In 2018, jiang was admitted to the Medical School of Tsinghua University as a doctoral candidate.Jiang Mengnan, born in 1992 in Chenzhou city, Hunan Province, is a Yao ethnic group. She is a 2018 doctoral candidate at the Medical School of Tsinghua University. She received cochlear implants in 2018.During his study in Jilin University, he was awarded as a model of self-improvement, Bethune Medical Scholarship and Dongrong Scholarship.In 1992, Jiang Mengnan was born to a Yao family in Yizzhang County, Chenzhou City, Hunan Province. When he was half a year old, Jiang mengnan contracted pneumonia. The ototoxic drugs used in the treatment resulted in extremely severe neural deafness, with the loss of more than 105 decibels in his left ear and complete hearing loss in his right ear.Although know jiang Mengnan learn to speak the chance is slim, the doctor also suggested that this is not meaningful for Jiang Mengnan’s hearing, parents still holding the mentality of trying to buy a set of 300 yuan domestic box hearing aid, hope she can have some reaction.To get their daughter used to hearing AIDS, parents would put them on after she fell asleep and then play tapes of trains, cars and animal sounds to her ears, “but she didn’t even move an eyelid.”One day, little dream south in the sofa playing ball, ball rolled away, she can not pick up and anxious to shout, before this she has never made other sound, this sound let her parents see the hope of helping her language rehabilitation.In order to accurately master the method of language rehabilitation, Jiang Mengnan’s mother, Jiang Wenge, took her daughter to the Hunan Language Rehabilitation Center for deaf children and attended relevant training at her own expense.”Chinese characters have many syllables and they taught them one by one, each syllable thousands of times. Finally, I learned to sound and speak.It is difficult to say a few words, but difficult to do it.They used to hold me and teach me how to pronounce anything they saw.Like ‘flower’, I say ‘ha’ and they correct it bit by bit.”Under the guidance of her parents, two-year-old Jiang Mengnan’s language ability is not far behind that of other children of her age.She learned not only Mandarin, but also the local dialect.Before grade four in primary school, Jiang Mengnan’s grades were always in the top three of his class, and he jumped directly from grade four to grade six.After graduating from primary school, Jiang Mengnan was admitted to Chenzhou No. 6 Middle School, ranking second in the city, and began her life of studying in a different place. At first, her parents were not sure about her living alone.With no parents to wake her up, she sets the alarm on her mobile phone before bed to vibrate to remind herself when to get up.In 2010, Jiang mengnan took the college entrance examination and scored 573 points, two points above the first-level score.Jiang Mengnan is not satisfied with the initiative to repeat a year.In 2011, she took the college entrance examination for the second time and was admitted to Jilin University with 615 points. She chose Jilin University because she hoped to experience the life in the north and her idol Zhang Haidi also graduated from Jilin University. “Zhang Haidi is my role model in life, she graduated from Jilin University.Before applying, I read a lot of news reports about Jida, and everything is quite suitable for me.”Jiang Mengnan wanted to be a doctor from an early age, grew up to find that hearing impairment from medicine or have a great impact, but “medicine is not separated”, since can not study medicine, Jiang Mengnan chose and medicine recently professional pharmacy.During the period of school, Jiang Mengnan won the university scholarship for three consecutive years, the “Dong Rong” scholarship for two consecutive years, and also won the “Bethune Medicine” scholarship.After graduation, Jiang went on to study for a master’s degree at Jilin University.During her postgraduate studies, her papers published in English were included in the international authoritative database science Citation Index (SCI).In 2018, Jiang Mengnan successfully passed the interview for the doctoral candidate of Tsinghua University, and her experience was reported by various media.One of jilin province people’s hospital otolaryngology doctor to see news after she found the cochlear implanted Jiang Meng south wants to help her, the original Jiang Meng south because may be taking the risk of don’t want to agree, but the doctor’s words touched her, “the doctor told me after the cochlear implanted, maybe I can see more possibilities in life, maybe I have a lot of potential can be mining,I was moved by that sentence.”After the cochlear implant, Jiang mengnan’s hearing has greatly improved, and he can hear birds and cicadas for the first time.Before coming to Tsinghua University, Jiang mengnan has not been close to the disabled, more focused on the individual, “even if you can’t hear, but also with other students on the same starting line.”Today, she realizes that there are 85 million disabled people in the country, and “I think it would be a better world if accessibility were very complete and people with disabilities could live as well as able-bodied people.”In 2020, Jiang mengnan was elected as the fifth president of the Tsinghua University Student Accessibility Development Research Association.Prepare activities of the association, organize and participate in barrier-free forums, and hold barrier-free concept experience activities.Jiang Mengnan popularizes the concept of accessibility to the public through various means.Mengnan jiang is scheduled to graduate as a PhD student in bioinformatics in 2022, studying machine learning modeling related to immunity.From the beginning of applying for pharmacy as an undergraduate, Jiang Mengnan’s goal has always been clear, that is to solve the problems of life and health.”If THERE’s something I can do to make it easier for others, it’s a meaningful thing.””The happiest thing in 2021″ Before I had cochlear implant, my hearing level was not allowed to obtain a motor vehicle driving license. In 2021, I finally had the opportunity to take the driving license. I have passed the exams of subject one and subject two, which was the happiest thing for me all year.”The most regrettable thing in 2021” actually has no regrets, preparing for graduation, every day is full.According to the plan, I should graduate with my doctorate in June 2022. Now PART of the project has been completed. I hope I can finish the rest in 2022 and graduate successfully.Source: China Disabled Persons’ Magazine (ID: ZGCJRZZS) | Edited by Liu Liu | Zhang Shuai ★ Reprint please indicate the source