Binzhou Bank of China held a new employee entry honesty warning education meeting

2022-05-08 0 By

In order to help the new employees in 2022 to establish a sense of honesty and self-discipline, build a solid line of thought, according to rules and disciplines to perform their duties.Recently, Binzhou Bank of China held a new employee entry honesty warning education.The meeting invited Tian Maofeng, director of the Discipline Inspection Commission office of Binzhou Banking And Insurance Regulatory Sub-bureau, to teach the course of honesty and case warning education, which was the “first button” of integrity.Tian Maofeng combined with their own work experience and binzhou region in recent years, the financial system in basic particle counter, typical cases of illegal customer manager, for new recruits to the one warning education lesson vivid, image, by people around, things around to let everyone recognize the illegal is not far away from their, vigilance to the work,Strengthen the sense of perseverance in learning, firmly grasp the integrity of the work and work style, resolutely not to cross the “red line”, to improve both professional level and integrity awareness.Tian Maofeng also took advantage of a typical case in which the person in charge of a bank branch sent boxing gifts to the staff of the regulatory department and was seriously dealt with, to interpret the importance of the regulatory department to promote the establishment of “close” and “clean” relations with financial institutions.At the same time, new employees are instructed to pay attention to the “Qingfengdiscourses” public account, and are encouraged to actively use the platform to strengthen learning, constantly improve the awareness of integrity and compliance, tighten the first link in life, and make a good start for their future career.Tian Fusheng, party member of Binzhou Central Bank and Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, lectured the incorruptible education course of “Strictly Observe the bottom line of the Profession and Adhere to the Honest Practice” for the new employees.Tian Fusheng from understanding the importance of integrity to strengthen self-discipline, to the Chinese communist party disciplinary regulations honest self-discipline rules of the communist party of China and other relevant provisions of the clean from the in-depth explanation, it analyzes the illegal typical case in the bank of China system in recent years, the demand for new recruits to case, wake-up call,Combined with the actual work and put forward three clean employment requirements.”Careful beginning, careful beginning, take every step”.To develop the clean warning education practitioners, both implementation ShengXing commission for discipline inspection work deployment requirements, and is also a new employee education remember beginner’s mind, the first grain of buttons, button to keep the first mark, from beginning to end the awe and “first class” workplace rules in mind, let new employees out of “ignorance and fear” of the blind area, have a clear understanding of working for clean,It also helps new employees to build moral lines of thought, laying a solid foundation for their future growth and career development.