A-shares: Top 10 stocks with the biggest weekly gainers (week 7, 2022)

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This week marks the seventh week of a-share trading. Which stocks are the top gainers?In what sector, what are the reasons for the rise?Based on the analysis of the ten stocks that rose the most this week, the stock that rose the most this week is Hangzhou Garden, up 92%, and the tenth is Golden Seed wine, up 37%.1. Weekly increase No.1:Hangzhou botanical garden weeks or 92% rely on common prosperity is the cause of hangzhou botanical garden shares rose demonstration area, the concept of national plan clearly put forward the “difference”, will bring common prosperity to forge a high quality development in zhejiang province construction demonstration area “, this week’s common prosperity demonstration zone concept plate, plate rose more than 8%, the bibcock is hangzhou botanical garden, zhejiang construction and honestly state shares,However, as a result of abnormal share price rise, the unit has been the shenzhen Stock Exchange focus monitoring.2. No. 2 weekly increase:Chengda pharmaceutical rose 86% weekly Chengda pharmaceutical rose 86%, this week harvested 3 “20CM” trading limit, the stock itself is in 2022 listed on the gem second new shares, the issue price is 72.69 yuan/share, then issued earnings ratio reached 83 times, the valuation is not low, the first day of the market share to the highest 188 yuan/share,The closing price narrowed to 128.55 yuan per share, after which the share price fell for two weeks, falling as low as 62.7 yuan per share, below the issue price.After falling below the issue price, Chengda pharmaceutical’s share price has risen for five consecutive years, up 85%. The company’s main business is to provide key pharmaceutical intermediates CDMO services for multinational pharmaceutical enterprises and pharmaceutical research and development institutions, and engaged in the research and development, production and sales of l-carnitine series products.It belongs to the medical service industry.The recent rise in The share price is related to the concept of COVID-19 treatment. The company was commissioned by Pfizer’s API factory in 2021 to custom-develop the intermediate for the production of its Novel Coronavirus treatment DRUG PF-07304814.So the concept of COVID-19 treatment has increased by more than 12% this week.Chengda pharmaceutical is one of the leading companies.However, the sales revenue of pF-07304814 corresponds to the proportion of 0.61% and 1.16% of the operating revenue from January to June in 2020 and 2021 respectively.In other words, the revenue contribution of the intermediates developed by Ruihui is very low.In February 2022, Pfizer reportedly terminated its global clinical development program for PF-07304814.The stock exchange has sent a concern letter to Chenda, asking for further clarification on the COVID-19 treatment concept involved. Based on current information, if Pfizer discontinues the global clinical development program of PF-07304814, it is a fake concept and the stock price may suffer a sharp correction.3. No. 3 weekly Increase:This chemical, chemical this week or 67%, or 67% of the harvest this week for two “20 cm,” the cause of the rise is also related to the concept of the new champions league treatment, and the chemical’s shares have increased three times in a month time, reason is the new concept of crown treatment, the middle two suspended for verification, stock exchange also issued a letter, the last price peak,The stock is down 44% in a week. That’s what happened last week.I didn’t expect it to go up again this week.In fact, The company’s COVID-19 treatment concept is a bit “bogus”, as the announcement makes clear. One of the products of The company is calonic anhydride, which is one of the raw materials used in the production of Pfizer’s oral parovide for COVID-19 treatment.However, the company does not have any relationship with Pfizer, and it is unclear whether its downstream customers are selling caronic anhydric to Pfizer.But even so, this week because of the novel coronavirus treatment concept rose, and it is still the most popular, the exchange again issued a letter of concern, the company also replied, interested friends can take a look.4. Weekly gain: 61% increase in Chengbang Shares Chengbang shares rose by the daily limit for 5 consecutive times this week, and the stock price suddenly rose. The company’s main business is landscape engineering construction, landscape design and landscape maintenance.Why the sudden rise in share prices?This may be related to common prosperity demonstration area, the national plan clearly put forward the “difference”, will bring common prosperity to forge a high quality development in zhejiang province construction demonstration area “, the concept of common prosperity demonstration zone plate up more than 8% this week, if the state shares registered in hangzhou, and hangzhou is the provincial capital of zhejiang province, zhejiang is common prosperity demonstration area,Hangzhou Garden, Zhejiang construction investment and other stocks have also surged, and also in the a-share weekly rise in the top ten.5, weekly rise: Swan shares up 61% swan shares this week for 5 consecutive daily limit, Friday is staged a “day floor”, from the limit to limit, leaving a strong solid Yang line.The company’s business is cotton picking and cotton processing machinery complete equipment r & D, production and sales, belongs to the field of special equipment.The reason for the sudden surge in share prices is unclear, there is no good news at the company level, there is no undisclosed news, and there is little news at the sector level.I am deeply impressed by the stock price trend of Anzhong Stock in the past year. In the six months after the Spring Festival in 2021, the stock price rose five or six times. There is no problem with a big bull stock, but it has been falling since it reached the peak.So don’t get too excited about this week’s 61% rally. After all, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a short-term rebound of this magnitude over the past six months.The sudden rise in the share price may be related to the rise in lithium prices, although Anzhong’s main business is in coal, mining, construction and road construction machinery research and development, manufacturing, sales and services.But there is a lithium concept, last year the company was planning to acquire a lithium mining enterprise, only to terminate the acquisition.However, they still signed a two-year supply agreement of lithium ore from the other side and purchased no less than 600,000 tons of lithium ore from the other side every year.Zhejiang Construction Investment, a local state-owned enterprise registered in The West Lake district of Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, gained nine daily trading limits in the 10 trading days after the Spring Festival, with its share price rising from 7.8 yuan per share before the Spring Festival to 19.28 yuan per share today, an increase of 150%.The company is one of the first batch of prefabricated construction industrial bases in China. The Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development recently issued the “14th Five-year” Construction Industry Development Plan, which proposed that by 2025, prefabricated buildings will account for more than 30% of new buildings.This was the direct cause of last week’s rally in the prefabricated building concept sector;The second is related to the concept of common prosperity demonstration zone, which is the same as Hangzhou Gardens and Chengbang Shares.However, the concept is the concept, ultimately can change ready-made real performance is the key, otherwise the higher the more heavy fall.8, weekly rise: Hanyu Pharmaceutical up 41% Hanyu Pharmaceutical up 41% this week, is a rebound, in November last year to this year in less than three months the stock price rose nearly 4 times, and then in less than half a month fell 50%.This week, shares of Hanyu Pharmaceutical, which develops, manufactures and sells polypeptide drugs, rebounded after halving their losses.This week stock price rose suddenly is new crown treatment concept, and recently in interactive platform replied that “our new crown polypeptide nasal spray project has been completed on Mr Mick Dijon and delta two major epidemic strains of live virus research, after two rounds of repeated experiments, according to data, whether this product test samples or mass production samples of the two main current popular strains have a significant effect,Especially for omicron.”That sparked a rise in share prices and a letter of concern from the exchange.9, weekly rise no. 9:38% Yuan Cheng shares yuan Cheng shares this week three consecutive daily limit, Friday is staged a day floor, completed from the near limit to limit reversal.Why the sudden jump in the company’s share price?In fact, it is also related to the concept of common prosperity demonstration zone. The main business of the company is to carry out project planning, design and construction around the business fields of ecological landscape, green environmental protection, leisure tourism and so on.Hangzhou Landscape and Chengbang shares are peers, and are registered in Hangzhou.10. No. 10 Weekly Increase:Golden wine or 37% gold seed wine three consecutive harden board this week, shares rose because China resources, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China resources will hold a golden seed wine big shareholders anhui golden seed group co., LTD. 49% stake, gold seed liquor will be included in “China resources”, China resources is a state, in the field of retail, consumer has very rich experience in network and,That’s a good thing for Golden Seed wine.Share transfer is completed, the seed wine’s controlling shareholder, gold seed group shareholding structure will be as follows: summary: through to the biggest gains this week ten stocks rallied the reason analysis, found the main from the common prosperity demonstration zone concept and the new concept of crown treatment, the former four stocks, the latter three stocks, together accounted for 70%.This shows that this week’s focus is on the common prosperity demonstration zone and COVID-19 treatment.In fact, we can also see from the news that the epidemic situation in Hong Kong worsened this week, and the number of confirmed cases reached a new high. This is a stimulus to the COVID-19 treatment sector, but Hong Kong’s population is just over 7 million, and this is only a short-term impact.It has no effect on the actual performance of listed companies.In addition, Zhejiang is also hot search this week, the reason is for college students to start a business after the failure of the loan compensation, Zhejiang encourage college students to zhejiang business, and give loans, if the business failure, in the below 100,000 loans will be compensated by the government, if in 100,000 to 500,000, then the Zhejiang government will compensate 80%.Common prosperity and COVID-19 were two of the hottest spots in the capital market this week, and they were also the objects of money chase, but what about next week?Will it become the biggest drop in the plate?