A New Year’s spiritual food fun recommended

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Look at the world in the ivory tower with the rationality of law and the temperature of the media, new age, new scene, new atmosphere.First of all, I would like to extend my New Year greetings to all of you. May everything go well, good things are coming, peace and joy and all the best.Here’s a list of great bloggers in every sense of the word. I hope you have a great holiday and a great year.To bloggers you like, especially those whose views are different from the mainstream in the Big Bad, please be generous and express your support.Instead of quietly clicking the “like” button and watching them being overwhelmed by the malicious platform, only to regret “I never told them this” when I couldn’t find it.”I don’t care what KIND of person I become, whether it’s a blunt knife or a sharp knife, it’s anything. I’m bound to die with fate.I’m not going to be a king. I’m going to sing and fight in my garbage life.””Impetuous though impetuous, I break my branches, you break your waist.He has three points, I let him seven points proud, let the secular alley loud, shallow pedestrians, wine loud.They sell to laugh, I sell high.””We also points what win or lose, love is not you come and go, relatively flat, you take the forward for a while, I take the power of the eternal.I want to be in a bad hand, so don’t worry about saving my life.Cowards come down, but I am the arrogant soldier.””If you’re going, I’m not going to give you a ride.I only send you long slope cold, cold river, send you two since take care of yourself, my Sir.The mountains are high and the waters are far away. You may as well wait for me.Thousands of miles away rain vertical wind horizontal, you are my clank.”A man who writes poetry.A poet of youth, freedom, romance and love.A boy who wrote about big rivers and big axes.I thought it was a girl until I heard his song on NetEase Cloud. I didn’t know it was a boy.”Life is like water standing tall. If you don’t get it wrong, I do.”Also, riding the horse’s lake, “there are tens of millions of people to go, he alone, if the world surging river, he will go against the wind and waves.”He should be a boy boy.02 brushing teeth NetEase cloud popular songs, NetEase Cloud always only cover songs without the original.However, there is only NetEase cloud in the phone, because of its inclusiveness.NetEase Cloud grasps the feelings in one hand and hits the height in the other, giving all people who love music a platform.Pop songs can be ignored, feelings and romance to death.Brushing teacher accompany me through the whole senior three.He covers “Cloud Long”, “Qin Liangyu”, “Spicy Spicy Pot”, the original song “Mulan”, “Blade Triumph”……”Cloud long” version of many, but in my heart are the enemy of brushing teacher sing.Not because of the singing, but because of the strength and harmony of the song.He really sang guan Yunchang “drank all the wine of loyalty and filial piety, laughing to see scraping bone healing, but MY life disdains affection” of the bold;Also really sing mulan and Qin Liangyu two women’s heroic spirit.”Mala Xianggu” pays tribute to the online campaign hand Mala Xianggu, and tells the hero who ended the last game.”I have galloped the canyons to fight and kill without fear of fear, without fear of anger, without fear of losing, without fear of jokes.”Blond hair, jeans, ripped pants, and a guitar.Although brushing my teeth hasn’t touched me in a long time.But the majestic atmosphere in these songs, the grand sense of opportunism without utility and the pity of heroes when young, selling heroic spirit are real existence.It was the most intense year that ACCOMPANIED me.As one of the earliest Internet celebrities, Papi Jiang is indeed a beautiful and talented woman.She is one of the few bloggers who does good content.Her short videos are funny, funny and topical.Is a funny blogger who consistently outputs great content.The newly updated inner monologue during the Spring Festival reveals the true condition of visiting relatives during the Spring Festival.Let a person call so real, a strong sense of empathy — want to take the red envelope but dare not take the appearance, like you and I go home for the Spring Festival.How on earth did this achieve national unity?Her short videos always hit the nail on the head with young people.Funny and do not lose connotation, humor and do not lose grace.The series of monologues by professionals is also popular.If you’re not happy, why not papi Jiang, who has a sense of “black humor” and takes it to the extreme.Short video bloggers blindly follow the trend, the content of a lot of homogeneity.But Papi Jiang is a clean current in the world of Internet celebrities.Her style is unique, no regrets series.You want to know what it’s like to be rich?Do you want to know the outrageous prices of various luxury goods?Then lock on to Cute uncle.He will open your mind like Jack Ma and let you know that there are many outrageous things in the world.The world of the rich is incomprehensible to ordinary people.Look at uncle Meng, broaden your horizon.His videos tend to explain his views on some minority gifts — luxuries that ordinary people can’t get in their lifetime.His reaction can be representative of the view of most ordinary people – “this looks like cheating rich people”!In addition to being funny, you can also learn more ridiculous knowledge and experience the world of “there are people outside of us, there are sky outside of us”.Open pattern, broaden horizon.Nan Xiang doesn’t like to eat douyin, which is probably the most trouble-free food blogger. His videos are all about restoring various ancient recipes, and the complicated process can be seen from his heart.He tries his best to restore dishes that seem outrageous.For example, in the Secret Of Imperial Cuisine, it is recorded that a small carp is put into the belly of a large carp and fried together.To achieve the effect of steaming the fish inside and frying the fish outside.Nanxiang tried one after another of these ancient dishes, which sounded ridiculous but still tasted ok.Every time I see him cook, IT smells like money is burning.Because the probability of success is not high.The cost of ingredients can be high because of the constant changes in cooking procedures.But we can also see his love for cooking and show us a series of traditional Chinese food.-END- author: knife and pen, pomelo proofreading: Yan Nanting typeset: Zhao an map source: network assault delete