11 photos of Tibet in 1978

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1. In August 1978, the living standards of farmers and herdsmen in Ritu County, Tibet Autonomous Region continued to improve, and many families bought high-end goods.2. In 1978, Tsering Ram (front) of Tibet talked with a commune member while taking a rest from work.3. The silver statue of White Tara in Potala Palace, Tibet, 1978.4. Female performers in Tibetan Opera, 1978.The picture shows the female lead of traditional Tibetan opera “La Longsa Girl”.Postcard of Scenery of Tibet, 1978.6. In 1978, the first member of the men’s table tennis team of the third Tibet Autonomous Region Games took a group photo.7. August 2, 1978, jiangsu Agricultural University 75 (Xizang class) graduates of agronomy, animal husbandry, plant protection.8. In 1978, The Tibet Autonomous Region issued bupiao One City Inch.9. In August 1978, Shandong Normal University held a ceremony to send off five graduates who volunteered to work in Tibet for a group photo.10. A painting by a Sichuan artist at the front gate of Dazhao Temple in Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region, 1978.11. Tibetan han workers on their way to work in Nyingchi Woolen Mill, Tibet Autonomous Region, August 1978.