When Jackson died in 2009, his eldest son suffered from vitiligo, his daughter was assaulted and his youngest son was bullied

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June 25, 2009 is the day many people will never forget, that is Michael Jackson passed away!Michael Jackson’s funeral broadcast on July 8 was a global sensation, watched by hundreds of millions of people.His children cried and left notes with the words “We love you Dad and we miss you” beside their father. It was well known that Michael Jackson loved his children dearly but would never see them grow up.Michael Jackson is leaving behind children aged 12, 11 and 7 who will never be loved by their father again.Though she was taken in by her grandmother.But for them, the death of their father is not only the loss of their father’s love, but also the malice and slander of the world.But price, 12, chose to live with it. He rejected all items related to his father, said nothing about Jackson, did not touch Jackson’s clothes or watch Jackson’s albums.Price as the eldest son to bear a lot of father’s love, Jackson will all love to him, even the living conditions are the best.But Jackson was viciously accused of child molestation and the estate was vandalized and his family had to move.Until the age of 12, the children were well protected because the father knew the fear of public opinion, but when he died, the children were exposed.Long to the end of the Pris although there is no genetic mother, but their ability is not low, unfortunately, but inherited his father’s vitiligo, but fortunately now control well.When her father was alive, she was so happy that she thought he was everything to her. But when he died, everything changed.I had to go out alone to face people, even at school, I was pointed at by classmates, and even bullied by students.Of course, all this also has a lot to do with the media. Paris had great psychological pressure and later needed to rely on drugs, and even committed suicide. Fortunately, everything started to go well with the help of her grandmother.And then she met her boyfriend Gabriel, and now she has her own career and her own music career is going really, really well.When Jackson died suddenly, price, who was only seven years old, did not understand anything but cried.What no one knew about his mother, however, was that of the three children he resembled his father the most, especially in his profile.The younger son was very well protected from childhood, and felt a lot of love from his father while he was alive. Unfortunately, after his father passed away, this love was no longer available.Compared with his brother and sister, he is more miserable, at least they still know that their mother lives in this world, but he not only does not know who his mother is, the only father also died, leaving only himself.Fortunately, his brother, sister and grandmother also loved him very much.She never wanted to cut her hair despite being bullied at school. Blanket, 12, wrote the five-episode “Kill Them All.”Perhaps it was a gesture of nostalgia for his father’s death, after all, he was killed by a doctor who overinjected him with drugs, but no one knows why.The younger son still has long hair, but his father’s death seems to have had the greatest impact on him and he is rarely seen laughing.Now that Michael Jackson has been dead for many years, his fans still love him, and his children are moving on with their lives, living with their grandmother and remembering their father, their relationship remains strong.