War snow, protect safety, factory front street to protect the safety of residents

2022-05-07 0 By

In order to actively respond to the low temperature rain, snow and freezing weather, on February 7, the streets in front of the factory had early warning, early deployment and early response, and closely watched the weather conditions, quickly organized the streets and community cadres to carry out “road action” and “knock on the door action” in the area, and found the hidden dangers in time and took measures to deal with them.During the safety inspection, the street staff found that the trees behind the house were partially skewed due to the snow overnight and dumped on the house outside the empty house of the residents returning home for the Spring Festival in Tiepuling community. There were great potential safety hazards.After discovering hidden dangers, streets and communities take disposal action for the first time.Because the trees are located in old houses, narrow roads, and the Spring Festival holiday in Han construction teams have returned home, cutting is relatively difficult.Street, community multi-party contact after finding the site construction team, immediately contact the owner, tenants to take safety measures.After ensuring the safety of the construction environment, today (February 8) streets, community organizations to carry out the removal of the hidden danger of trees.Tiepuling community staff evacuated nearby residents in advance and cooperated with the construction team to carry out the work.After the whole tree is cut down, the staff will clean up the fallen leaves, branches and debris, and finally remove the hidden dangers.”Thank you to the streets and communities that are always looking out for the safety of our residents.”Master Rong, the owner of the street, community service spirit full of praise, “safety hidden danger eliminated, we feel more at ease!”