There’s only one real reason a man can’t keep in touch, but can’t help missing you

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The real reason why a man can’t help but not contact you is that there is only one feeling that is different and particularly obvious for male and female students.It’s not that they don’t value feelings, but gender and shyness.Boys face their feelings, is rational, is clear, is clear.How the heart think, how they will say, how to do, never beat around the bush, never hide, never hide the love in the heart, never suppress their emotions.And when the girls face their feelings, is implicit, think in the heart, the root said is the opposite, but do the root said, is contradictory.I have a friend who once told me how much he liked and loved his girlfriend when they first fell in love. Even if he could not express it in words, he would give her unexpected surprises in his actions, stunning his heart and beautening her soul.He does not know however, the girl that oneself love does not love oneself?Say don’t love, she every time look at him, those eyes are full of deep tenderness.Say love, but never hear her say a word of love.But what she did for herself was so warm, so touching, even more thoughtful and warm than what she had thought and done.Perhaps, is that he has not experienced love, perhaps is that he does not understand women, perhaps is that he thinks the other party does not love his reason.From frequent contact, gradually become, can not contact, from often to rarely meet, even when we meet, they do not have the initiative and enthusiasm of the past, as if they met once, neither of them want to say more, neither of them want to ask more.Later, by chance in a park, she told me that she was getting married and her boyfriend was introduced by a friend of her parents.Normally, it is a very happy thing that the person I loved deeply has found his destination and his happiness, but I just can’t be happy.Silence for a long time, just slightly open his mouth, hoarse voice gently asked, is when to decide?The other side hesitated for a moment, then said, I wait for the wind, such as rain, not to some people insist, but to retreat.In addition to parents’ urging marriage, friends’ advice, my heart felt those sometimes hot and sometimes cold, no sense of security feelings, they had to re-examine, after repeatedly struggling, in the recent to make the final decision.At this time, I suddenly realized, she is love me, is their own do not insist, just missed a deep love of their own people, is their own do not cherish, just left a lifetime of regret.Light tunnel a blessing, turned around and burst into tears.In the days that followed, every time I thought of it, my heart was like a knife in my throat.As people say, to refrain from contact, but can not help but not miss.Not do not want to contact, do not contact the real reason is, there is no identity to contact, there is no reason to disturb.In real life, in the emotional world of men and women, love a person, not just love, pay, enough.But to use a careful heart to observe each other’s every move and every look.Because, the man loves a person can boldly say the love in the heart, and the woman loves a person, is love in the heart, the eye, the action.Although there is no love on her lips, the love between her eyes and her eyes, and many words that hint at you, are full of love.Maybe some people will say, now is not the old society, but the new era of equality between men and women, regardless of men and women, there is love to speak out.What I want to say is, no matter what age, men and women still treat feelings differently.Some women, no matter how much they love a man, will not take the initiative before determining the relationship. No matter how much they miss him, they will not contact him. It is not the way she does not contact them, but the implicit factor, the reason of shyness, which blocks her not taking the initiative to think.Even if it is missed, I will think that if the other person truly loves me, he will contact me and find me.If he doesn’t really love me, he’ll shrink back.As long as I gave him a lot of hints, it was enough.Can be together, is their fate;Not together, is their fate.Not love, but love can not afford to wait.As a man, love a woman, really is not love enough, but to hold a gentle hand, tender feelings, with a consistent perseverance, always stick to it, to keep the moon to see the flowers, to meet a true love, and to love the lover forever.