The 83rd regiment Tianhao Nova planting professional cooperative to broaden the road to increase income and become rich

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At the beginning of the New Year, in the 83rd regiment Tianhao Nova planting professional cooperative, members in the chairman liu Gang’s home laughing about the past year’s fun, imagining the future of development dreams.The 83rd Regiment cotton harvesting site.Founded in 2018 at the beginning of the comprehensive supporting reform of the group farm, the cooperative mainly focuses on cotton planting. The membership has expanded from more than 60 people at the beginning to more than 160 people now, and the cotton planting area has increased from more than 2,700 mu at the beginning to nearly 8,000 mu now.In 2021, the per capita income of the members of the society is 78,000 yuan. In addition to the benefits brought to everyone by the cooperative in the procurement of agricultural materials, technical guidance and product sales, it is inseparable from the careful management of the chairman Liu Gang.”When ordering agricultural materials, he basically led us from door to door to negotiate prices, look at quality and transport.When selling agricultural products, he sets the prices of each factory.”Member Wang Jianxin spoke of Liu Gang, could not help but give a thumbs-up, “The cooperative can develop to the current scale, he is indispensable.With him at the helm, we are confident about the future.”Hearing Wang’s praise, Liu Gang, who was busy hanging lanterns on the door of the cooperative, smiled shyly and said, “It’s all the result of our joint efforts.”Liu Gang, 54, a member of the Communist Party of China, is also a well-known plant expert in the company, who will give guidance to employees when they don’t understand cotton planting.After the reform of the group farm, the group farm encouraged workers to set up cooperatives to break into the market. Some workers found Liu Gang and let him lead the establishment of cooperatives. Liu Gang readily agreed, and soon the planting professional cooperatives named Tianhao New Star was set up in a row.Eighty-three regiment cotton field, cotton hit pole, plow, flat work is nervous orderly.After the establishment of the cooperative, Liu gang and the members learned the management experience of the cooperative while actively introducing new technologies to help everyone improve crop yield and increase income.After several years of groping, now the cooperative gradually formed a unified order of agricultural materials, technical guidance one to one service, the implementation of a good pattern of order sales.The cooperative is on the right track, and members have reaped tangible benefits.In 2021, with the help of the cooperative, the member Yang Zhonghua contracted 300 mu of cotton land through land circulation. With the help of the cooperative, he realized a net income of more than 600,000 yuan that year.Tianhao nova planting professional cooperative began to plan the development of the New Year.After finishing cleaning up the cooperative office, the members gathered together and expressed their opinions in each other’s words. The new development blueprint was gradually formed in the heated discussion.”This year, we plan to build a cotton processing plant in the company by attracting investment, and process cotton by ourselves, and distribute the profits directly to the members.””With our own cotton processing plant, we have formed a ‘one-stop’ industry from planting to selling lint, which alone can increase our profits by 20 percent,” Liu said.In 2022, the cooperative will continue to refine the “five unification” system from agricultural materials to sales, so that members can increase their income in planting, save cost and increase efficiency.And will hire agricultural experts to carry on long-term technical guidance to the members, hire planting expert to help the members of poor planting technology to manage cotton, so that these members are liberated, go out to work, broaden the income road.(reporter Source Guo Haotian correspondent XuQiang) | double fifth division river combines the media center to edit | wang editor | lee enjoyed Smile queen, the executive director of | | Mao Yan audit He Qibiao