The 17th lotto vote was exposed in advance, with 50 times single votes concentrated and 18 times votes lost

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The smallest odd number of three consecutive opening, three consecutive leading numbers for the form of repeat numbers, this is the history of the Grand Lotto lottery also often appear.In the last lotto drawing number, first the bibcock number is the smallest odd number, and two small odd numbers are dropped in the first area. In addition to the bibcock number, one adjacent odd number is dropped.Anyway, he only left one small odd in sector two.Drop two large even numbers in zone 3, one of which is a cold one and the other is a hot one.In fact, the three areas as a whole still calculate more even, there is no large-scale failure of the phenomenon.The blue numbers, separated by only one issue, once again fall into an all-odd shape.Let’s take a look at this week’s Big Lotto vote.The big lotto is a weekend, big ticket as expected, not unexpected!Let’s take a look at the 50-fold ticket above. The leading number in the front section is even 08, and it is the adjacent number in the first section.Two small odd numbers 13, 15 and an even number 20 have been successively dropped in zone 2, among which 15 is a big cold number, and more than 28 issues have been missed so far.The ending number, also known as the largest number 27, falls in the cold number of the third district and is also in the form of adjacent numbers.Only one of the even numbers, 04, can be seen in the blue zone, and it is the coldest number in the blue zone.Lucky to find, another up to 18 times the single ticket before the zone number also went small.The number at the beginning of the front area is the small even number 06, and the largest number 19 only falls in the middle of the second area. The other three numbers in the front area are also very concentrated, and all fall at the junction of the first and second areas.Area two rear and area three tuba all lost.Blue area is an adjacent number and a repeat number collocation, the position is more uniform.And then there was a single ticket, 13 times bigger, with three different combinations of numbers.I can see that it is not a machine choice, but a “choice”.Among them, 11, 12, 19 and 29 are outstanding.