Peng Bo led a team to investigate the work of hardware connectivity between Wuhan and Hubei

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On February 26, Peng Bo, deputy mayor and secretary of the Working Committee of the Development Zone, led a team to conduct field research and supervise the promotion of the hardware connectivity project in Wu-E Tongcheng (Gedian Section).He stressed that we should resolutely improve our political position, fulfill the goals and tasks assigned by the provincial Party Committee, provincial government, municipal Party committee and municipal government, seize the golden period of construction, reverse the construction period, pay close attention to the implementation of responsibilities, and get through wue’s dead-end road as soon as possible.Peng Bo and his delegation visited the construction sites of road extension and reconstruction projects of Renmin West Road, Gaoxin Fifth Road, Gedian Avenue, Gaoxin Avenue, Shanzui Lihu Bridge, etc., to inspect the construction progress, study and solve problems on site, and supervise and promote the implementation of project construction.Investigated the project site of Gedian Avenue, docking renmin West Road and The First road of Science park of East Lake High-tech Zone. The line spans Wu-Hubei Expressway with a total length of 3.14 kilometers.The east Extension project of Keji No.1 Road in East Lake High-tech Zone is 1.44 km, and the west extension project of Renmin West Road in Gedian Development Zone is 1.7 km.The red line is 36 meters wide and has four lanes in both directions.Gedian Avenue, also known as Wudong Avenue, is about 6.8 kilometers long and 50 meters wide.The road construction needs to be coordinated with the East Lake High-tech Zone.The road and the flower arrangement section on the east side of the road occupy about 323.4 mu of land in east Lake High-tech Zone (the whole road occupies 182.197 mu).The route to be implemented is national Road 316 – Gaoxin Avenue section, about 5 kilometers long.The fifth Gaoxin Road connects with the First Hi-tech Road, with a total length of 2.52 kilometers, 1.22 kilometers in East Lake Hi-tech Zone and 1.3 kilometers in Gedian Development Zone.The road is 30m wide and has four lanes in both directions.The project is part of the comprehensive transformation of Gaoxin Avenue (Outer ring line – Tanzuolihu Bridge). The bridge is about 930 meters long, 670 meters in East Lake High-tech Zone and 260 meters in Gedian Development Zone.After widening the total width of about 48 meters, two-way 8 lanes.Gaoxin Avenue (Gedian Avenue to development Avenue section) and East Lake Gaoxin with standard widening transformation, road length 887m, two-way eight lanes.These four roads serve as the transportation axis for the rapid connection between Gedian Development Zone and East Lake High-tech Zone, further strengthening the spatial development pattern of Wue city and meeting the needs of future development.Peng Bo pointed out that speeding up the hardware connectivity between Wuhan and Hubei is the foundation of the integration of Wuhan and Hubei, the needs of industrial development and people’s life, and the hard requirements of the provincial party Committee and government.All relevant departments in the district should fully understand the significance of speeding up the hardware connection of Wuhan-Hubei Road, strengthen their sense of responsibility, mission and urgency, adhere to all the work ahead, set off the project construction boom in an all-round way, and provide a strong guarantee for the high-quality and leap-forward development of the Development zone.To investigate the site of lihu Bridge widening and reconstruction project of Gaoxin Avenue, Peng Bo required that supervision should be strengthened according to the time and node determined by the provincial party Committee and provincial government, and the completion of relevant responsible departments should be regularly notified.It is necessary to coordinate and supervise the progress of road construction, properly solve the problem of land expropriation and demolition within the given time frame, ensure the funds for key roads, speed up the progress of land application and approval, optimize the construction plan, parallel operation, strengthen construction management and speed up the construction progress.Relevant departments should further strengthen coordination, focus on the target tasks, do their best to provide services for the construction of projects, and ensure that key roads are completed and put into use at an early date.Work committee member, deputy director of the management committee Huang Weidong participated in the investigation.Source: National Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone # Wuhan ## Wuhan Tongcheng #