Original God: version 2.5, Yaeyama plot screenshots out

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People find traffic passwords these days?In the article of “Original God”, many UP owners have three different understandings on the evaluation of the new character Yaejo. Some people say that Yaejo is not strong, some say that Yaejo blows her out, and some people say that she is not strong in one article, and in the next article, they encourage people not to forget the characters such as Coral Palace and Heart Sea.All in all, we can’t say whether they have mastered the traffic password. For Yaejo, her mechanism is not good according to the current situation, but Xiaobai didn’t say not to let everyone draw yaejo, just compared to the appearance of Thor, you still draw a Thor in the first.Where there are so many problems, like to smoke, the pursuit of intensity, the direct pursuit of two life thor, do not waste time on the Yaeyama god son.At the same time, before explaining this article, let those who have not paid attention to The mi You club say, now mi you Club has a small game of Yaeyiganzi, make the game lead the original stone, you do not miss it.What will you think of when you see this picture? In fact, the credibility of this picture is very high. For this picture, Xiao Bai will analyze the development of the 2.5 version of the story from the perspective of the plot.No matter what happened in fuxia Palace in the middle of the 2.5 foresight, just a statement of daychen, the spirit of the cause, awe, awe, directly force gera full.At the climax of the plot, Yaejo says, “You’re a little nervous,” which brings us right back to reality.And for what happened in Fuxia Palace, due to the incomplete information, only through the gameplay in combination with the story to give you about the reduction.Fuxia Palace gameplay: because dayi yuyu was dark erosion, making the entire Fuxia palace will be destroyed, heart sea in order to save Fuxia Palace, then commissioned travelers……Players can get them in the map, and then make them pickable by using new items. By collecting two items, you can open the sealed anchor points. At the same time, each unlocked anchor point gives 20 seals of the light world, which can improve the erosion resistance of the box of mushuo.Fuchizhigiya has 21 anchors, and if you give them all to 20, you will have liver of 420 seal of light.In fact, from the qianzhan live broadcast, Xiao Bai has a statement, once said that there is really light in the world, and the prototype of Rice wife is Japan, from which we can see the pattern of Miha tour, this is to let us believe that light really exists.And yaegravity god son as in charge of the existence of the shrine, naturally to collect the power of light, to save ultraman, so as to defeat the small monster!So we can understand what happens in 2.5.Abyss Chant: So I’m a little monster?PS: Remember to trust the light!