Lanzhou people will come to the qingming Festival please civilization sacrifice

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Tomb-sweeping day is coming for a whole new champions 2022 epidemic prevention and control work resolutely fight the epidemic prevention and control to be completed to carry forward civilized behavior, safeguard the public interest to optimize city environment together to do a good job in the epidemic prevention and control in the city before and after the ching Ming festival ritual activities in the city on March 24, environmental health management of lanzhou city management committee put forward the following to the general public friends initiative, carry forward the fresh airSacrifice, civilization advocated in a special period, the resistance to disease continue to hand in hand, overcome difficulties, expressing affection both wish, reveals the social responsibility, advocated by memorial, online memorial flowers, planting of trees to commemorate, family “remembering” ShenZhongZhuiYuan, honor ancestors, do not pollute the atmosphere quality, blocks, health, life does not affect the social order and others.We advocate the concepts of changing customs and changing customs, and that it is better to be filial to relatives than to be buried with heavy expenses. We promote the traditional Chinese virtues of respecting, loving, respecting and caring for the elderly, and cherish and care for the elders and relatives in front of us.To encourage the elderly to do more filial piety while they are alive, so that they can be supported and entertained in their old age;After the death of their loved ones, thrifty mourning, civilized mourning, solemn, thrifty, rational, civilized way to express condolences, comfort the deceased.Iii. Continue to fight the Epidemic and overcome difficulties We advocate continuing to control the epidemic as masters of the country, caring for our health and protecting our homes with sincerity, warmth and kindness.As it is a critical period for epidemic prevention and control, all districts and counties should stay alert. They should not organize designated sacrifice activities on roads, avoid on-site sacrifice and gathering of people that may occur during qingming Festival, reduce the risk of cross-infection, and create favorable conditions for the victory of epidemic prevention and control.Four, work together, care for the environment to advocate citizens and friends, especially party members and cadres, public officials to take the lead in carrying forward advanced culture, new style and positive spirit, to relatives and friends, the masses around actively promote civilized and healthy sacrificial methods.The urban management departments of all counties and districts will intensify the investigation and punishment of mobile stalls selling sacrificial products, and supervise, persuade and stop improper behaviors such as setting up and burning at random and gathering sacrificial products.At the same time, citizens are requested to understand, support and cooperate with the front-line sanitation, cleaning, law enforcement and management personnel to carry out work, and jointly maintain a clean and beautiful urban environment.Advocate civilized ritual is winning the needs of the epidemic prevention and control to be completed and maintenance of urban environment, the needs of the construction “delicate lanzhou” together, let us join hands “lanzhou more blue”, leading the era fashion city more beautiful, environment better comprehensive victory make greater contribution to prevention and control of epidemic sources: China lanzhou network copyright all, if the infringement is deleted.