“Icecube” ushered in the first event of the Winter Olympic Games, the Olympic Park public area service test

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The curling mixed doubles round-robin, the first event of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games, was held at the National Aquatics Center iccube at 8:05 PM on Feb 2.The Venue operation Command Center of Beijing Olympic Park Public Area (Hereinafter referred to as The Olympic Park Public Area) coordinates the audience service and external support team, and makes preparations according to the time and job responsibilities to ensure the smooth and successful progress of the event.The public garden area division of Beijing’s largest outdoor venues, during running time is long, wide range of services, the largest number of volunteers, public area a total area of 1.14 square kilometers, 6.2 kilometers Zhou Jieda, contains four games venues, namely two competition venues (national aquatics centre and national indoor stadium), two non-competition venue (the national stadium and the Beijing square).During the competition, the audience will enter each stadium through the public area.The public area is expected to receive about 20,000 visitors and staff every day.On February 2nd, at 6pm, the common area will open two hours before the start of the game.”Hello, please check the temperature.””Please wear a mask as required.””Please walk along the signs and it will take about 10 minutes to reach the entrance of the venue.”…At gate 6, the ticket barrier for the first race, staff in red and volunteers in blue were all in place.”It is about 1,000 meters from the ticket barrier to the venue entrance, and we have volunteers at all turning points along the way and where they need hints, such as crossing ground lines, horse paths and steps, to provide information consultation, directions, event introductions, venue introductions and other services.”According to guo Shuai, manager of the event service field of the public Area Operation team, the public area of the Olympic Park has a total of 820 volunteers, which is one of the venues with a large number of volunteers.The volunteers come from 17 sources, including universities and enterprises, and serve 22 business areas, including venue communication center, venue management, event services, registration and transportation.Among them, there are 600 volunteers in the event service field, divided into 4 classes from morning to night to provide guidance services for the audience.In order to ensure the quality of volunteer service and demonstrate the spirit of volunteer service, volunteers in public areas, especially those who work at night, are also equipped with “Little Bee” loudspeakers, reflective armbands and luminous baton.”Although we were not familiar with the public areas of the park, seeing the volunteers made us feel more reassured.”After entering the public area, a spectator said, “The service of the volunteers was very meticulous and warm. With their guidance and help, we found the entrance of the venue very quickly.”In the public area no. 6 barrier-free security gate, parked a brand new bus.It is a new battery-free vehicle designed for the Winter And Paralympic Games and can accommodate four wheelchair users and six ordinary spectators.After boarding a free shuttle bus at the barrier, they will soon be taken to the barrier-free viewing area entrance of the National Aquatics Center.The battery-free vehicle, which was installed on the first day of the Winter Olympics, will serve public areas until the end of the Beijing Winter Paralympics.Every day, it will walk through the barrier-free check points in the public area, barrier-free drop-off area and barrier-free entrance and exit of the venue, providing services for visitors in need.”In addition to wheelchair users, barrier-free electric vehicles can also serve the elderly, children and others with limited mobility.”Public area operation team Paralympic integration manager Kong Yingying introduced.Full-streamline barrier-free security check channels, barrier-free blind paths, barrier-free public toilets, barrier-free ramps…In public areas, in addition to barrier-free battery cars, barrier-free facilities can be seen everywhere.During the event, the public area will be fully equipped with barrier-free facilities and services to build a barrier-free environment, creating a window to convey “love” without obstacles.At the medical station on the east side of the National Stadium in the public area, 10 medical service workers including doctors, nurses and first responders are on standby to provide services.The medical area of the public area provided emergency medical services and medical transfer services for spectators, volunteers and staff entering the public area from the start to the end of the first match.It is understood that the medical station in the public area is equipped with two ambulances, medical drugs, shovel stretchers, neck braces, simple ventilators, wheelchairs and other medical equipment, as well as medical supplies such as disinfection and protection.The medical station is composed of 2 medical officers, 2 on-site doctors, 3 on-site nurses and 9 staff of 120 emergency vehicles.Beijing Youth Daily reporter Li Zewei editor zhang Peng